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Reichert, McMorris and Hastings Absent as Co-Sponsors of Voter Verified Paper Trail Bill.

Some 211 members of Congress from both parties have signed on as Co-Sponsors of a Congressional Bill to require a voter verified paper trail for elections. All 6 of Washington’s Democratic Congressmen have signed up as co-sponsors of House Bill 550.

Washington’s three Republican Congressmen, Dave Reichert (WA 8), Cathy McMorris (WA 5) and Doc Hastings (WA 4) are absent as co-sponsors of HB 550. Congressman Rush Holt of New Jersey is the prime sponsor.

HB 550 would also require that there be a mandatory recount of 2% of all ballots to check for errors or fraud. The title of HB 550 reads Title: To amend the Help America Vote Act of 2002 to require a voter-verified permanent paper record or hard copy under title III of such Act, and for other purposes.

According to CNN, 27 states require by law a voter verified paper trail, 8 others do it, and 15 states have no requirements for safeguards.

There is a need for uniformity and consistency in election results. The 2000 and 2004 elections resulted in a loss of voter confidence in the integrity of our electoral system. The 2000 Presidential election was decided by a 5/4 vote of a conservative US Supreme Court. Some still question the 2004 vote also as a tainted election, particularly because of the Ohio results.

Republicans like McMorris, Reichert and Hastings don’t care because their party was the winner(?) in the Presidential elections. Republicans have deliberately tried to suppress votes in Democratic areas. Questions about the integrity of voting machines like Diebold remain.

As CNN noted, legislation to create a paper trail for voters in Maryland failed to pass their Legislature. So voters will be using machines that voters touch to record votes – there will be no way to verify the accuracy of the final vote because there will be no paper ballots available for a recount.

Reichert, McMorris and Hastings are out of touch with updating our national voting system and installing safeguards to protect the voting process. Just one more reason to vote them out of office.

McMorris is being challenged by Democrat Peter Goldmark.

Reichert is being challenged by Democrat Darcy Burner

Hastings is being challenged by Democrat Richard Wright.

Congressional Candidate Peter Goldmark Needs our Help!

Peter Goldmark is a refreshing independent Democrat running against a Bush loving first term Republican in Eastern Washington. He is a candidate any Washington district would be proud to have as their Congressman.

And you know what, you can have him as your Congressman, because guess what? Goldmark’s vote in Congress would carry the same weight as Jay Inslee’s or Rick Larsen’s or Brian Baird’s or Jim McDermott’s or Darcy Burner’s or Adam Smith’s or Norm Dick’s.

And a Goldmark vote in Congress would be one less Republican supporting the sell out of America to the large corporations and oil companies. Because to stop the continued Republican steamroller that is turning back years and years of progress to help the citizens of America, Democrats need to win back control of Congress. A Goldmark in Congress will fight for the people in the 5th Congressional District in Washington State and also for the rest of us.

I consider Peter Goldmark a dark horse candidate. He is fighting to get recognition and respect as a viable candidate because even people like PI reporter Joel Connelly continue to repeat what some so called “national pundits” and so called professional Congressional ratings newsletters speak in their infinite wisdom. They say that the 5th Congressional District is a “safe” Republican seat.

But as Peter Goldmark responds “”Just because they don’t think it winnable doesn’t mean it’s not winnable.”

For 30 years, the 5th Congressional District, which includes Spokane, was represented by Democrat Tom Foley. And Tom Foley rose to become Speaker of the House of Representatives. The Spokane area also elected Democrats to the state Legislature.

Connelly continues:

Curiously, in an era of authoritarian, centralized government, Peter Goldmark is stressing what used to be bedrock conservative values.

“The fiscal irresponsibility is absolutely intolerable. It is immoral to saddle future generations with the enormity of our current debt,” he said, speaking to the Bush administration’s $400 billion budget deficits.

Goldmark wants a Congress that would again act as a check on the White House. He promises to get a seat on the House Agriculture Committee and be “a voice of moderation, working across party lines.”

He recalls the bipartisan cooperation that gave us such laws as the National Environmental Policy Act.

McMorris was the chairwoman of a stridently partisan House Resources Committee task force on the act, whose “streamlining” proposals were unveiled before a Washington, D.C., lobbyists’ breakfast.

“There are more important issues for Eastern Washington than throwing away protections that have helped our air, sea and land,” Goldmark said.

Republicans have used social issues to get a lock on the inland west. In bread and butter terms, however, they’ve done little to help rural communities and rural families.

What makes Peter Goldmark different is that he is truly eastern Washington. He understands eastern Washington. He is eastern Washington. He is a wheat and cattle rancher in rural Okanogan County. But he also served as a Regent at Washington State University for almost 10 years, resigning this year to run full time for Congress. And he has a science background, a PhD in Molecular Biology, which he has put to use on his ranch, developing varieties of wheat.

Peter Goldmark needs our support to get elected. MajorityRulesBlog has a goal of trying to raise $5000 for Goldmark. You can help by making a contribution today. MajorityRulesBlog has a link set up with ActBlue so it is easy to contribute. Please click on MajorityRulesBlog ActBlue

Thanks for your help.

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