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Marko Liias Considers Run for Congress

I received the following e-mail earlier today.  Next year will be an exciting and busy year in Washington State for Democrats. It can well be an exercise in playing musical chairs for those looking at new opportunities to challenge themselves. Marko Liias is a welcome addition to those interested in playing the game and keeping politics interesting.
Marko 2012 Exploratory Committee
Dear Steve,
As a friend and supporter, I am writing to share some exciting news with you – and ask for your advice.
In the past few months, many people have asked me to consider running for Congress in the 1st District, in the event Congressman Inslee does not seek reelection. While there are many things left to sort through, I want to let you know I am seriously considering this possibility.
As someone that was born and raised in our community, it has been an honor and privilege to serve as a city councilman and now as state representative. I am proud of what we have accomplished together these last few years. With your help, I have stood up for our community, leading on critical issues like education, transportation and environmental protection.
But, as I have worked hard in our state capital, like you, I have been dismayed and disappointed with what I see happening in our nation’s capital. The best interests of the American people have been ignored as a Republican majority has pursued their ideological agenda with ruthlessness.
This Congress has attacked women’s fundamental right to make their own reproductive choices. The new majority would dismantle important environmental protections that keep our air and water clean. And, rather than fighting for Main Street businesses, this Congress wants to continue to give out tax breaks to Big Oil and billionaires like Donald Trump.
We need to send someone to Congress that will stand up for Washington families. Someone that can move beyond the tired old ideas of the past and help lead our country in a better direction. In short, we need to send a fresh, progressive voice to Congress.
While I won’t decide whether to formally enter the race until Congressman Inslee announces his own plans, I do think it’s important to start this conversation now. We have a unique opportunity to change the course of our country, and I am excited to hear your thoughts.
You can visit my Facebook site and share your comments there, or you can email me at marko@marko2012.com.
Thank you for all that you do.
All my best,

Congressman Inslee Challenges Republicans Trying to Defund EPA

The current majority Republicans in the US House of Representatives are anti-science and anti-regulation. While much of the rest of the world is trying to deal with the increasing negative impacts of climate change caused by rising greenhouse gases, Republicans are still denying humans have anything to do with it.

Republicans in Congress currently are trying to remove the ability of the Environmental Protection Agency to regulate greenhouse gases by proposing to pass a bill entitled the “Energy Tax Prevention Act of 2011.”

In the US House of Representatives, the New York Times reports that the  bill, which would strip the EPA of its “power to regulate greenhouse gases“, actually “enjoys the near-unanimous support of the House Republican majority“. As such, conservative ideology seems to trump rational scientific opinion and the conclusions of the vast majority of scientists who do research on global warming.

As noted in the New York Times article:

Representative Jay Inslee, Democrat of Washington, is one of Congress’s most ardent advocates of strong action to combat global warming. Mr. Inslee brought to the hearing a two-foot-high stack of books and scientific reports, which he placed on his desk as a sort of totem of the robust science behind climate-change theory.
He used his question time largely to criticize Republicans as suffering from what he called an “allergy to science and scientists.” He said he was embarrassed that a country that sent a man to the moon and mapped the human genome could be on the verge of enacting a law that overturns a scientific finding based on the testimony of a few scientists who question the extent of human responsibility for altering the climate.
“If Copernicus, Galileo, Newton and Einstein were testifying today,” Mr. Inslee said, “the Republicans would not accept their views until all the Arctic ice has melted and hell has frozen over, whichever comes first.”
He said that much of the skepticism about global warming in Congress and among the public has been fed by a campaign of disinformation from energy interests. He likened it to the tobacco industry’s efforts to discredit the finding that smoking causes cancer. “People with enormous financial stakes attacked that science,” Mr. Inslee said.

Republican ideology unfortunately threatens to trump science and reason. The American voters need to wake up and realize this blind Republican assault on science based decision making threatens our economic future and the livability of our planet. What good does corporate profit do anyone if the planet is not habitable because short term greed triumphed over long term survival?

This is just another example of the dire threat that this country faces if Republicans take over the Senate and Presidency next year. Republicans care more for passing legislation to benefit their corporate base and pushing irrational right wing ideology than they do in finding long term solutions to real problems facing the American people and the world.