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HorsesAss.org Once Again Makes the Headlines -this Time in the Seattle PI

Horsesass.org is an irreverent in-your-face political blog that originates out of Seattle, Washington. This morning, the face and name behind Horsesass.org, David Goldstein, aka Goldy, was staring me in the face as I opened the Seattle PI. I was just getting ready to drink some coffee but David’s mug gave me the same jolt. You see, his picture was covering about a sixth of the page.

The story, Political bloggers step in to rally the troops. Sites create buzz, raise funds for the candidates is a well deserved tribute to David who has doggedly pursued his passion of writing and writing and writing and saying whatever he is passionate about at the moment. Some 2000 people visit his site every day looking for his pearls of wit and and satire and sarcasm as he engages his readers in a “tell it as he sees it” conversation.

The article notes the increasing role of bloggers in political campaigns. The Darcy Burner campaign is discussed from the perspective of the help bloggers have given her in building up her campaign and in critical fundraising. Burner is a Democrat running for Congress against first term incumbent Republican Dave Reichert.

Reichert has tried to represent himself as a moderate but as Daniel Kirkdorfer points out in his blog On the Road to 2008 blog, Reichert has voted some 94% of the time with the majority Republican position. You can visit the site for a more detailed analysis.

David recently celebrated his 2nd birthday as a blogger. He has posted some 1624 times. Rumor has it that neither Michael Brown or David Irons sent him a congratulatory card. Whatever happened to Emily Post etiquette?