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Metropolitan Democratic Club Completes Endorsements for November 2011 Election

The Metropolitan Democratic Club of Seattle met this last Wednesday, Sept. 28th, and completed their final round of endorsements for the November 8, 2011 General Election. The following statement was put out by their President Justin Simmons

MDC Members and Friends,

At our meeting yesterday, September 28, the MDC made the following new endorsements for the general election to be held on Tuesday, November 8.

Seattle School Board Pos. 3
Michelle Buetow

Northshore School Board Pos. 2
Joe Marshall

WA State Initiative 1125

WA State Initiative 1163

WA State Initiative 1183

WA State Senate Joint Resolution 8205

WA State Senate Joint Resolution 8206

Seattle Proposition 1
no action advised

Newcastle City Council – Position 4
Frank Irigon

As previously released, our Primary endorsements were the following:

King County Council
Pos. 2, Larry Gossett*
Pos. 4, Larry Phillips
Pos. 6, Richard Mitchell
Pos. 8, Joe McDermott

King County Elections Director
Sherril Huff

King County Assessor
Lloyd Hara*

Port of Seattle
Pos. 2, Gael Tarleton*
Pos. 5, Dean Willard*

Seattle City Council
Pos. 1, Jean Godden*
Pos. 3, Bruce Harrell*
Pos. 5, Tom Rasmussen*
Pos. 9, Sally Clark*

Seattle School Board
Pos. 1, Sharon Peaslee*
Pos. 2, Kate Martin*
Pos. 6, Marty McLaren

Court of Appeals, Div. 1, Dist. 1, Pos. 2
Michael Spearman

Families& Education Levy
endorsed approval

*Asterisks indicate current MDC members.
The majority of the MDC’s voting membership believes these candidates and campaigns represent and will promote the progressive values we cherish.

Thanks to all of you who participated in our endorsement process.

Democratically yours,

Justin Simmons, President
Metropolitan Democratic Club of Seattle