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Senator Maralyn Chase Advocates Washington State adopt Clawback Provisions

Such a sensible proposal. If tax exemptions to benefit corporations and business interests do not provide a net benefit to Washington State in terms of increasing jobs or retaining jobs, then the tax exemption should be repealed.

As Senator Maralyn Chase mentions, twenty other states currently have some formof clawback provision. It time for Washington State to also do this. We can not afford to be giving gifts to businesses without a net return in value to the state.

Senator Chase notes that tax exemptions shift the tax burden to other businesses that do not get an exemption. If the exemption provides no net benefit to the state and it’s taxpayers, it is unfairly hurting other businesses and hurting the state in its ability to provide other essential services that help in job creation like funding for education and keeping our citizens healthy.

Approve Referendum 52 and Save Tax Dollars

Education is a major component of tax dollars spent in Washington’s economy.  Referendum 52 on the Nov 2, 2010 ballot in Washington State is a cost effective way to reduce energy costs at our public schools, create new jobs and at the same time create a healthier environment for our kids to learn.

Watch this video on YouTube on Referendum 52:

Here’s a brief synopsis of what Referendum 52 does taken from a recent e-mail by the prime sponsor of this referendum, Representative Hans Dunshee:

“It pays for itself, the conservation work will pay off the bonds and the loans the districts take out. People get this and do it in their homes.

It will create 30,000 jobs.

Total state debt is going down. We were able to borrow 500 million less last budget and we will drop another 650 million this coming budget. Repeat, our total debt is going down. The debt limit on the Legislature is dropping. Even with R-52 passing total general fund state debt will go down, not up as the GOP claims.

The construction work puts $93 million in sales tax into the general fund in the first 4 years, when we need it most. That’s not even counting the buying power of the construction workers adding to sales when they spend their paycheck.

Hans adds some editorial comment on the Democratic Party which stongly supports Referendum 52.

“Now the fun stuff. The attached link is to the TV spot, watch it and pass it on, put it out to your lists, and on your facebook pages. We do, or want to do this job, to do good things in the world. We ARE the party of hope, solutions, and optimism. We believe in a better world and work to achieve it. The party of no would have us stuck in the stone age breaking rocks as high technology. Fight on. It’s the right thing to do.”

Thank you Hans for your  hard work pushing for this common sense measure. Vote to approve Referendum 52.

Inslee, Cantwell and Sims Campaign for Hillary Clinton for President

Senator Maria Cantwell , Congressman Jay Inslee and King County Executive Ron Sims were busy Saturday urging Washington voters to support Senator Hillary Clinton for President in the precinct caucuses next Saturday, February 9, 2008. They spoke to Clinton supporters at a rally at the Machinists Hall in South Seattle after speaking in Tacoma and Everett earlier in the day.

Congressman Inslee has become a major force in Congress for renewable energy pushing the new Apollo Energy Project. Inslee called Senator Clinton a change agent who understood the energy issues and who would provide the leadership to “kick our addiction to Middle East Oil” and move us to a clean energy future and green jobs.

Programs needed include 55 miles per gallon cars by 2030, getting 25% of our energy from renewables, 70% more efficient lighting, and 20 million low income homes weatherized. Clinton stood for action, not talk said Inslee.

Senator Cantwell noted that she came to the US Senate the same year as Clinton did and that in the seven years she has worked with Clinton, Clinton gets things done. She said Clinton as President would be ready from Day 1 to to work for new green jobs and clean energy.

Cantwell say Clinton working across the aisle getting things done, even when the Republicans were in control. One example of this was Clinton working for lifetime health benefits for the National Guard and Reserve.

She saw this same dedication on Clinton’s part with her plan for a clean energy economy creating new jobs. Clinton will be ready from day 1 to change history and to get our country on the right course, economically and internationally.

Ron Sims said he saw Clinton having the intuitive instinct and preparation to make the changes that people in this coutry are ready for. He said we’ve been in the wasteland too long but that Clinton, like FDR and TR, knows how to get things done – that she is the right person with the right intuition at the right time to be elected President.

Cantwell noted that Clinton is leading the fight in the Senate opposing any Bush proposal to lock the US into a long term agreement with Iraq. Clinton said any such proposal is basically a treaty and as such treaties must be approved by the Senate.

Cantwell also mentioned efforts being made in the Senate trying to add green energy proposals now to the stimulus package. Sims noted that China is spending $35 billion a year on new energy production and that if the US could take the lead in developing green energy sources, this could help in bringing money into this country and help reduce our trade deficit.