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John Ladenburg Bows out of Race for Attorney General to Run for Supreme Court

Below is an e-mail being sent out by John Ladenburg who was considering running to be the next Attorney General of Washington State.  Instead he has decided to run for the Washington State  Supreme Court.

This frees up the field for King County Councilmember Bob Ferguson who has already declared for the seat.  You can check out more about Bob’s campaign by going to his website at electbobferguson.com.  He also has a facebook page entitled Bob Ferguson for Attorney General which you can show your support on by “liking” him.

The PDC shows Democrat Bob Ferguson as currently raising $161,000 for his campaign.  Reports are filed monthly by the 10th of each month for the preceeding month. Reagan Dunn who is the Republican in the race has filed no contribution reports to date since he announced on June 13, 2011.  He claims on his website to have raised over $100,000 but nothing has been reported to the PDC yet.

Here is the e-mail from Democrat John Ladenburg announcing he is not running for Attorney General:

Dear Steve,

The past three months have been a very interesting time. I started out on a quest to determine if I should run for Attorney General and you and many others came to my support and helped me do the polling and research to examine that race. But, a funny thing happened along the way—many of you expressed your strong support and financial backing and also urged me to look at the office of Supreme Court Justice. While our polling and research shows I could win the office of Attorney General, your comments and advice convinced me that my experience is best served on the Supreme Court.

Therefore, having heard your advice and thoughts, I have decided to not run for Attorney General, but instead, seek a seat on the Washington Supreme Court.  I want to sincerely thank all of you for the support and advice. I know that some of you will be disappointed that I will not run for Attorney General. However, I believe that it is critical that our highest court have the broadest experience and expertise available and I think I could help insure that happens.

We will close down our exploratory committee for Attorney General and focus on the Supreme Court.  Under the rules of the court, judicial candidates cannot raise any campaign money until next February. The campaign will let you know when it can accept donations.

Finally, I wish to express my sincere thanks to all of you. Campaigning and public service is not easy, but having committed friends and supporters can make it much easier. Thank you for being there. I promise you that I will work as hard as I can to take a seat on the court and I promise that I will work hard on the court to do the people’s business, fair and just.

My humblest thanks,

John Ladenburg

Rep. Jay Inslee May be Next Secretary of Interior

Among the names circulating as possible candidates for positions in an Obama administration is that of Democratic Congressman Jay Inslee for Secretary of the Interior. A second name mentioned is that of Robert F Kennedy, Jr.

You can check out the list of names of potential candidates being discussed for staff and Cabinet positions in an Obama Administration according to a post today by Politico.

As noted by Politico:

“The list is heavy on campaign heavyweights and Washington insiders, many of them from the administration of President Bill Clinton. So while surprises can be expected to crop up — especially on any Republican members of the Cabinet — many of the selections would likely be proven hands who would provoke little controversy. Obama has not communicated his final choice on any of these posts but plans to move very quickly if he is elected, according to the sources. They point to the political price that Clinton paid for dilly-dallying on his appointments and nomination. “

Good for a little diversion and feel good reading at seeing some great names as possible key players in an Obama Administration but don’t forget the election isn’t over yet. Just a few more reasons to keep working hard to put a great new team in place in Washington DC. Vote Barack Obama for President!

And don’t forget the local races to keep Washington moving forward as part of the national change.

Vote Nov. 4, 2008 for:

Chris Gregoire for Governor,
Peter Goldmark for Public Lands Commissioner,
John Ladenburg for Attorney General,
Jason Osgood for Secretary of State,
Jim McIntire for State Treasurer,
Darcy Burner for Congress
George Fearing for Congress.

Latest Fundraising Totals for 2008 Washington Statewide Office Candidates

As of the latest reports filed with the Washington State Public Disclosure Commission for the period though Dec 31, 2007, and first available after 1/10/2008, Democratic Governor Chris Gregoire, has raised over $4,665,352 for her re-election campaign, has spent $1,554,766 and has $3,110,586 in cash on hand.

Because of the prohibition of raising funds 30 days before the legislative session begins and during the session, Governor Gregoire’s fundraising stopped as of Dec. 10, 2007. She will be able to resume fundraising after the session ends. The same prohibition on fundraising also applies for other state incumbents running for office.

Republican Gubernatorial candidate Dino Rossi, who lost to Gregoire in 2004, is re-running and is not subject to the prohibition on raising funds since he is not a state official. He reported receiving $1,707,197 in contributions and in kind donations and spending $393,626 as of Dec 31, 2007. He has $1.303,571 in cash on hand as of Dec 31, 2007.

Rossi’s previous figures were revised as the result of a Public Disclosure Commission dismissal of a complaint that his Forward Washington Foundation was really a campaign committee for his run for Governor.

Lt Governor Brad Owen, a Democrat reported raising $16,635, spending $6917 and having $9717 on hand as of 11/30/2007. No Republican has filed yet with the PDC.

Attorney General Rob McKenna, a Republican has raised $712,950, spent $318,155 and has $368,252 in cash on hand.
Democratic Pierce County Executive John Ladenburg , as noted at Riddenbaugh Press and first reported by the Tacoma News Tribune, is considering running as a Democrat against Rob McKenna.

Secretary of State Sam Reed, a Republican, has raised $230,899, spent $62,023 and has $168,875 on hand. He has no announced opponents at this time.

Democratic State Legislator Jim McIntire is running for State Treasurer. The current State Treasurer Mike Murphy, a Democrat, is retiring. McIntire has raised $61.795 and spent 14,494. Allan Martin is the Republican candidate. He has raised $29,480 and spent $2733.

Commissioner of Public Lands Doug Sutherland, a Republican has raised $170,808, spent $18,655 and has $ 152,153 in cash on hand.
Former Democratic Congressional candidate Peter Goldmark from eastern Washington is challenging Sutherland for this seat. Goldmark has raised $99,644 , spent $30,655 and has $69,025 in cash on hand.

State Auditor Brian Sonntag, a Democrat, has no opponent at this time. He has raised $27,432, spent $4054 and has $23,398 on hand. His last report was 11/30/2007.

Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler, a Democrat, has raised some $40,236, spent $12,046 and has $28,189 in cash on hand. No opponent has filed yet.

Superintendent of Public Instruction, Terry Bergeson has raised $61,573 and spent $8,488.
Richard Sendler of Richland Washington has raised $8,625 and spent $8,027.

Three Washington State Supreme Court races will also be on the November 2008 ballot. Supreme Court Justices are elected to 6 year terms. No fundraising has been reported for these elections yet.

Position #3 is held by Mary Fairhurst.

Position #4 is held by Charles W Johnson who was first elected in 1991 to the Supreme Court.

Position #7 is held by Debra L Stephens who was appointed in December by Governor Gregoire to fill the vacancy left by the resignation of Justice Bobbe Bridge.