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Verizon Reverses Itself, Allows Text Messages by NARAL Pro-Choice America

NARAL Pro-Choice America issued a press release this afternoon announcing that Verizon has reversed it’s decision of Sept 25, 2007 prohibiting it from using its text messaging services. The other major carriers never saw a problem. Verizon got a black eye for its censorship of NARAL Pro-Choice America, claiming abortion was too controversial.

From NARAL Pro-Choice America’s press release:

Let’s hope Verizon has learned a lesson today: citizen participation in democracy is neither ‘unsavory’ nor ‘controversial,'” NARAL Pro-Choice America’s ‘s President Nancy Keenan said. “As soon as the story first came out last night, we were deluged with calls from Americans outraged over Verizon’s corporate censorship. We thank all of our members, bloggers, and other concerned citizens who joined us in putting pressure on Verizon to reverse this decision. We should take great solace in this initial victory, but we must remain vigilant in preventing corporations, business interests, and other third parties from blocking Americans’ ability to participate in the democratic process.”

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