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Initiative 960 Wins Because of Opponent’s Repeating a Losing Startegy

Initiative 960 should never have won. But opponents gave it life by running a campaign that had no real message that anyone could understand. And they repeated the failed strategy of trying to ignore Eyman in the media thinking that their absence would somehow diminish voter support and enthusiasm for the measure.

This is how Eyman won in the past – because opponents thought that by seemingly ignoring Eyman they could diminish his appeal. The result was that in the free media there was very little evidence that there was opposition to his measure.

There were articles in the papers where in places like Bellingham, Eyman received press coverage and no opponent showed up to debate the issues. This leaves the public with the impression that there was no organized opposition.

Once again opponents let Eyman win by their trying to run a stealth campaign to defeat him. You beat Eyman by taking him head on, not ignoring him. The stealth campaign fizzled just as it has done before. They come close but lack the power or momentum or emotion to shut Eyman down.

Opponents also ran a closed campaign which was a mistake. About 6 weeks or so before the election I went to what was billed as a coalition meeting. It was not a coalition meeting at all but only a presentation by the consultant organized and consultant run campaign that did not get people and organizations to really buy into it as their campaign to defeat I-960 or feel that there was a role or place for them besides maybe contributing money.

People and organizations most intently fight campaigns that they are a part of and have some sense of involvement and ownership in. Coalition Boards can be messy sometimes but it’s a lot more effective to have people arguing over strategy of their campaigns than having them sitting on the sidelines watching consultants run paid media ads.

If there were any other coalition “meetings” I was not aware of them. Eyman lucked out once again. It’s like opponents thought that money alone without emotion and commitment to fight a real campaign battle would turn the day.

I contrast these wimpy anti-Eyman campaigns with the slugfests and emotion and commitment and coalition building efforts that people put into defeating the two right wing efforts to scuttle land use and growth management in our state via the so-called “takings” crowd.

Now its up to the Courts to deal with the constitutionality of I-960. The earlier court battle to keep I-960 off the ballot was ruled premature.

The key issue is whether the voters can by an initiative amend the Washington State Constitution by requiring a 2/3 vote for revenue increases when the state constitution says the Legislature shall act by a simple majority vote.

A final note – Unfortunately for the supporters of the simple majority for school levies, they wound up on the same ballot with I-960. My guess is that those that didn’t support the simple majority for schools bonds were the same people who supported Initiative 960.

Vote for the Environment – November 2007 Endorsements by Washington Environmental Organizations

A number of Washington State environmental organizations have endorsements posted for this November’s General Election.

Washington Conservation Voters have an extensive list of endorsements of environmental candidates including local endorsements for Clark, King, Kitsap, Pierce,Snohomish, Thurston and Whatcom Counties.

They also recommend a Yes vote on Proposition 1 – the Roads and Transit Package to be voted on by King, Pierce and Snohomish County voters. They urge a No vote on Tim Eyman’s Initiative 960 to give a minority of one third of the Washington State Legislators veto power over any revenue or fee increase in the state budget.

The Cascade Chapter of the Sierra Club urges a No vote on Initiative 960.

Endorsements for County candidates for King, Pierce and Snohomish County are listed as well as urging a No vote on Proposition 1 – The Roads and Transit Package.

A list of endorsed City Council candidates is included for the cities of Bellevue, Bellingham, Burien, Camas, Edmonds, Everett, Kirkland, Lake Forest Park, Lynnwood, Mercer Island, Mill Creek, Seattle, Tacoma, University Place, and Vancouver.

Futurewise urges a No vote on Initiative 960 and a Yes vote on Proposition 1 for Roads and Transit.

The Washington Environmental Council urges a No vote on Initiative 960 and a Yes vote on Proposition 1 for Roads and Transit.

Transportation Choices Coalition urges a Yes vote on Proposition 1 for Roads and Transit.

The Cascade Bicycle Club has a list of endorsed candidates for King and Snohomish Counties, port of Seattle, and a lengthy list of endorsed local candidates for Mayor and City Council. They urge a No vote on Proposition 1.

The environmental community has overwhelming come out against Initiative 960, realizing that it poses a real threat to many environmental programs including park and wild land preservation programs and environmental protection programs and global warming action. A visit to the No on I-960 shows a long list of environmental groups opposing I-960, including American Rivers, Audubon Washington, Climate Solutions, Conservation Northwest, Earth Ministry, Environment Washington, FutureWise Green Party of Washington, People for Puget Sound, Sierra Club – Cascade Chapter, Transportation Choices Washington, Vancouver Washington, Washington Conservation Voters, Washington Environmental Council and WashPIRG.

The Yes on Proposition 1 – Roads and Transit proposal includes the following environmental groups supporting it – Washington Conservation Voters, Transportation Choices Coalition, Washington Environmental Council, Futurewise, Tahoma Audubon Society, Environment Washington, Bicycle Alliance of Washington, and the Cascade Land Conservancy. These groups believe that the transit component of the package is a significant boost for moving toward a better transportation system that puts greater emphasis on transit solution and reducing dependency on cars.

As mentioned above the Sierra Club – Cascade Chapter and the Cascade Bicycle Club oppose Proposition 1 – believing it still moves in the wrong direction by supporting a roads package. They would rather see a transit only package. The question is whether a defeat of Proposition 1 would allow a transit only package to emerge or whether nothing would happen for many years to come.

46th District Democrats Add New Endorsements

The 46th Legislative District Democrats in North Seattle met last night and made more endorsements for the November 6, 2007 election. See the previous list of endorsements here. A 2/3 vote is required to be endorsed.

Seattle School Board District 1 – Peter Maier

Seattle School Board District 6 – Maria Ramirez and Steve Sundquist (dual endorsement)

King County Initiative 25 (elected director of elections) – NO

King County Proposition 1 – Medic One – Emergency Medical Services – APPROVE

Sound Transit and RTID (Regional Transportation Investment District) – Prop. 1 -no position

Initiative 960 – NO

Referendum Measure 67 – APPROVE

Engrossed Substitute Senate Joint Resolution 8206 – no position

Senate Joint Resolution 8212 – no position

Engrossed House Joint Resolution 4204 -Simple Majority for School Bonds – APPROVE

Substitute House Joint Resolution 4215 – no position

The no on Eyman’s Initiative 960 to give a 1/3 minority in the Legislature veto power over any tax increases was unanimous as was the yes (approve) vote for Engrossed House Joint Resolution 4204 to amend the Constitution to allow school levies to pass by a simple majority.

I am a PCO in the 46th L.D. The Sound Transit and RTID Proposition received a 53 to 33 vote after hearing pro arguments from Transportation Choices Coalition and con from the Sierra Club. The other 3 “no position” votes on issues were the result of people feeling they did not sufficiently understand the issues involved. I wondered how if we political animals could not make a decision how we expected voters to do any better.

As a result I moved that the organization in the future anticipate this by having a committee set up to review and make recommendations for the endorsement meeting. I felt somebody needed to understand the issues and be able to answer questions. The 46th LD Democrats voted and approved the motion. Afterwards it was suggested that this be handled by the existing Legislative Action Committee which seems logical.

The District also voted to make several contributions to campaigns. Originally when the budget was being approved earlier in the year no contributions were in it. Several of us objected and contributions were added.

Bill Sherman – Prosecuting Attorney $500

Gael Tarleton – Port of Seattle #2 $100

Alec Fisken – Port of Seattle #5 $500

No on I-960 $100

Yes on 4204 $500

This was the last meeting to be chaired by Scott White who is stepping down as Chair to run for the Washington State Legislature next year. Scott is running for the seat being vacated by Representative Jim McIntire who is running next year for State Treasurer.

Who’s Raising the Money In King County for the November Election?

Here’s the end of August fundraising breakdown for some of the candidates going on to the November election in King County. The figures are from the Washington Public Disclosure Commission.

King County Prosecutor

William R Sherman (D) raised $92,482 spent $66,354 cash on hand $27,128

Daniel T Satterberg (R) raised $168,790 spent $75,015 cash on hand $93,775

Seattle City Council Position 1

Jeanne Godden raised $191,288 spent $140,934

Joe Szwaja raised $47,794 spent $45,803

Seattle City Council Position 3

Bruce A Harrell raised $167,503 spent $125,902

Venus Valezquez raised $131,070 spent $104,258

Seattle City Council Position 5

Thomas M Rasmussen raised $196,915 spent $74,269

Seattle City Council Position 7

Timothy L Burgess raised $186,023 spent $114,032

David J Della raised $186,693 spent $129,052

Seattle City Council 9

Sally J Clark raised $148,541 spent $68,082

Judith L Fenton raised $3,887 spent $987

Port of Seattle Position 2

Bob Edwards raised $97,366 spent $96,593

Gael Tarleton raised $146,659 spent $118,277

Port of Seattle Position 5

Bill Bryant raised $198,631 spent $118,179

Alec Fisken raised $101,263 spent $62,450