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New Poll Says Goldmark can win 5th Congressional District Seat!

Peter Goldmark is the dark horse Democratic candidate charging ahead in Washington State’s 5th Congressional District. A new poll by Lake Research Partners may be a surprise to some but not to those who have met Peter. It says Goldmark can win the 5th Congressional District Seat.

Posted yesterday on Daily Kos by peagreen and posted today on Washblog by switzerblog is part of the summary of Goldmark’s recent poll that confirms what I have long been saying. Peter Goldmark can win the 5th Congressional District in Washington. He can defeat Cathy McMorris.

He is the dark horse candidate charging ahead. But he needs our help. Read below and then click on ActBlue today to make a contribution today.

Here’s the poll:

*In the initial ballot, incumbent McMorris receives less than a majority of the vote against Goldmark despite a vast name recognition advantage. After both candidates get their messages out, Goldmark pulls into a virtual tie with McMorris–37% for Goldmark to 39% for McMorris.
*Bush’s favorability rating is only 44% (very or somewhat favorable) versus 53% (very or somewhat unfavorable) with a plurality (42%) giving him a very unfavorable rating, making Bush a liability for McMorris in the district.

*McMorris’ own job performance rating is low. Just 44% rate McMorris’ job rating as good or excellent versus 47% who say it is just fair or poor, for a net negative job performance rating (-3%).

*McMorris has certainly not sealed the deal on her reelection, as just 38% are ready to re-elect her. The remaining 62% of the electorate would consider voting for someone else (24%), vote to replace McMorris (20%), or aren’t sure (18%). These findings are based on 400 completed interviews with a random sample of likely November 2006 voters. Interviews were conducted from July 20-23, 2006. Sampling error is +/- 4.9%.

It’s key of course for Goldmark to get his message out. That’s why it’s important that you contribute today to help him get his message out. There is nothing worse that on election day to say, “If only we had helped a little more, Goldmark would have won.” You can do something today.

We know now that he can win. Go to his campaign website at Vote Peter Goldmark to read more about his campaign. Contribute at MajorityRulesBlog ActBlue now.

Congressional Candidate Peter Goldmark Needs our Help!

Peter Goldmark is a refreshing independent Democrat running against a Bush loving first term Republican in Eastern Washington. He is a candidate any Washington district would be proud to have as their Congressman.

And you know what, you can have him as your Congressman, because guess what? Goldmark’s vote in Congress would carry the same weight as Jay Inslee’s or Rick Larsen’s or Brian Baird’s or Jim McDermott’s or Darcy Burner’s or Adam Smith’s or Norm Dick’s.

And a Goldmark vote in Congress would be one less Republican supporting the sell out of America to the large corporations and oil companies. Because to stop the continued Republican steamroller that is turning back years and years of progress to help the citizens of America, Democrats need to win back control of Congress. A Goldmark in Congress will fight for the people in the 5th Congressional District in Washington State and also for the rest of us.

I consider Peter Goldmark a dark horse candidate. He is fighting to get recognition and respect as a viable candidate because even people like PI reporter Joel Connelly continue to repeat what some so called “national pundits” and so called professional Congressional ratings newsletters speak in their infinite wisdom. They say that the 5th Congressional District is a “safe” Republican seat.

But as Peter Goldmark responds “”Just because they don’t think it winnable doesn’t mean it’s not winnable.”

For 30 years, the 5th Congressional District, which includes Spokane, was represented by Democrat Tom Foley. And Tom Foley rose to become Speaker of the House of Representatives. The Spokane area also elected Democrats to the state Legislature.

Connelly continues:

Curiously, in an era of authoritarian, centralized government, Peter Goldmark is stressing what used to be bedrock conservative values.

“The fiscal irresponsibility is absolutely intolerable. It is immoral to saddle future generations with the enormity of our current debt,” he said, speaking to the Bush administration’s $400 billion budget deficits.

Goldmark wants a Congress that would again act as a check on the White House. He promises to get a seat on the House Agriculture Committee and be “a voice of moderation, working across party lines.”

He recalls the bipartisan cooperation that gave us such laws as the National Environmental Policy Act.

McMorris was the chairwoman of a stridently partisan House Resources Committee task force on the act, whose “streamlining” proposals were unveiled before a Washington, D.C., lobbyists’ breakfast.

“There are more important issues for Eastern Washington than throwing away protections that have helped our air, sea and land,” Goldmark said.

Republicans have used social issues to get a lock on the inland west. In bread and butter terms, however, they’ve done little to help rural communities and rural families.

What makes Peter Goldmark different is that he is truly eastern Washington. He understands eastern Washington. He is eastern Washington. He is a wheat and cattle rancher in rural Okanogan County. But he also served as a Regent at Washington State University for almost 10 years, resigning this year to run full time for Congress. And he has a science background, a PhD in Molecular Biology, which he has put to use on his ranch, developing varieties of wheat.

Peter Goldmark needs our support to get elected. MajorityRulesBlog has a goal of trying to raise $5000 for Goldmark. You can help by making a contribution today. MajorityRulesBlog has a link set up with ActBlue so it is easy to contribute. Please click on MajorityRulesBlog ActBlue

Thanks for your help.

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Congressional Candidate Peter Goldmark Starts Galloping in Eastern Washington

Democrat Peter Goldmark, running in eastern Washington’s 5th Congressional District, has raised more money than his Republican opponent during the latest reporting period. Goldmark reported to the Federal Elections Commission that for the April, May, June 2006 reporting period he has raised over $200,066. His opponent, Cathy McMorris, has only raised $125,945 during this same time period.

McMorris is the incumbent. Her campaign has already spent $648,922 she previously raised and only has $466,955 in cash on hand. This is not a lot of cash on hand for an incumbent. Meanwhile Goldmark has not frittered away what he’s raised and has $134,911 in cash on hand. Considering this is Goldmark’s first quarter of raising funds, he has made an impressive start.

When I had a chance to ask Congressman Jay Inslee on Friday how he thought Goldmark was doing, Inslee said that Goldmark’s campaign is picking up momentum. He called Goldmark “a great fit for his district”.

Inslee noted that he had recently gone to a major fundraiser for Goldmark in eastern Washington . Over 200 people were in attendance. Inslee will soon be doing a mailing for Goldmark.

There are a lot of good signs his campaign is picking up momentum. Goldmark brings to the 5th C.D. a strong background in ranching, education, public service and science. He has a forward looking agenda to help the district. You can read more about Peter Goldmark by going to his official campaign website – Vote Peter Goldmark.

Majority Rules Blog has previously posted on Peter Goldmark several times See:

Peter Goldmark – Eastern Washington’s Dark Horse Candidate

Democrat Peter Goldmark Rides into Spokane to Kickoff his Campaign for Congress.

Goldmark is a great candidate and is working hard but he needs your support. I have set up a link through ActBlue – a Democratic fundraising site – where you can easily make an on-line contribution to Peter Goldmark’s campaign. Click here MajorityRulesBlog ActBlue .

Our goal is to raise $5,000 for Peter Goldmark’s campaign through MajorityRulesBlog ActBlue.

Clicking on the ActBlue link will show both how much has been raised and also what other blogs and sites have raised for Goldmark using ActBlue. You can also link to other Democratic campaigns across the country

Looking at the finance report of Goldmark’s opponent reveals that almost two thirds of the money McMorris raised this last quarter has come came from special interest PAC’s. Some in particular, like Labor Ready and Wal-Mart shows insight into her recent vote opposing raising the minimum wage. Most of Goldmark’s money has come from individual contributions.

Her are some of McMorris’s largest donors. The first number is their most recent contribution and the second number is their total contribution to her campaign.

Altira Group Inc PAC, NY $2500 ($5000)

American Health Care Association PAC $1000 ($5000)

American Road and Transportation Builder PAC, Washington, DC $1000 ($1000)

Assoc General Contractors of America PAC, Alexandria, VA $1000 ($4000)

Avista Corp Employees Effec Govt PAC $1500 ($5750)

Boeing PAC, Arlington, VA $2000 ($7000)

Burlington Northern Santa Fe Co. Rail PAC, Washington, DC $1000 ($3000)

Fair Credit Council PAC, Washington, DC $250 ($6363)

Growth and Prosperity PAC, Washington,DC $4500 ($9500)

Int Council of Shopping Center, Inc. PAC, Alexandria, VA $1000 ($2000)

Labor Ready Inc,PAC, Tacoma, WA $1000 ($6000)

Mine PAC (American Mining Assoc.), Washington, DC $1000 ($2000)

Nat. Assoc. of Insurance and Financial Advisors PAC, Falls Church, VA $1000 ($4500)

NelNet Inc PAC, Washington, DC $3000 ($5000)

Old Castles Materials Inc, Washington, DC $2000 ($4000)

Paccar Inc Employees Org for Pol Leadership, Winston Salem, NC $1000 ($3000)
RJ Reynolds PAC, Winston Salem, NC $1000 ($4000)

Road to Victory PAC, Alexandria,VA $5000 ($5000)

United Parcel Services Inc PAC, Atlanta, GA $2500 ($10,000)

Wal-Mart Inc PAC , Bentonville, Alabama $3500 ($3500)

Washington Group Int PAC, Arlington, VA $7000 ($7000)

Wine and Spirit Wholesalers of America, Inc PAC $2500 ($2500)

With this type of special interest money funding McMorris’s campaign, one can clearly see the type of interests she has and will support in Congress. Just some more reasons why to help get Peter Goldmark elected. Again you can click on MajorityRulesBlog ActBlue to make a contribution today to Peter Goldmark. Thanks.

Democrat Peter Goldmark Rides into Spokane to Kickoff His Campaign for Congress.

Okanogan rancher and former WSU Regent Peter Goldmark is hoping to steal a page from Ronald Reagan as he officially kicks off his campaign for Congress. With horse and supporters Goldmark rode into Spokane on the Centennial Trail for a rally and the official campaign announcement this morning.

Goldmark is a Democrat running for the 5th Congressional District seat currently held by Republican Cathy McMorris. He has been a rancher for 30 years in the Okanogan area of Northeastern Washington. The 5th Congressional District goes from the Canadian border down to Oregon and from the Cascades to the Idaho border.

In prepared comments, Goldmark said, “It’s important for me to listen to the concerns of the people. After watching the crowd back in DC turn a tin ear to the needs of Spokane, our small towns and family farms, I plan to ride in with some common sense and make some needed reforms.”

It’s clear we need bold new leadership in areas like health care, jobs and economic development,” said Goldmark. “We’ve seen the incumbent politicians deliver nothing but happy talk instead of progress, and I look forward to challenge.”

Goldmark would bring a much needed perspective to Congress on a number of issues. One is the perspective of the farming community across the country. Besides ranching on an 8000 acre farm for some 30 years, an article in last Saturday’s Seattle PI notes that he served as state Agriculture Director in 1993, was a co-founder of Farming and the Environment and a member of the Washington State Biodiversity Council.

A second perspective he would bring is from the educational viewpoint. He has been a regent of Washington State University in Pullman since 1996, until he recently resigned to run for Congress.

And the third perspective he brings is that of a scientist. He has a PhD in molecular biology from the University of California and did post doctoral work at Harvard University. Such a perspective is badly needed in a time when Bush and most Republicans are doing their best to undermine the credibility of science and scientific research. You name it- stem cell research, global warming, ecosystem integrity, fisheries biology, forestry, air pollution, toxic pollution.

The Seattle PI article notes that Goldmark “has published numerous scientific papers on biology, often based on research he performs in a lab at his 8,000 acre ranch. In the past decade he has concentrated on finding new wheat varieties.”

Compare this to Bush’s time on the ranch cutting brush.

The time is ripe for a change in Congress. Peter Goldmark represents a new voice.

Besides including the city of Spokane, the 5th CD includes Walla Walla, Pullman, Cheney and Colville.

The 5th CD covers 12 of Washington’s 39 counties -Spokane, Lincoln, Adams, Whitman, Walla Walla, Columbia, Asotin, Garfield, Ferry, Pend Oreille, Okanogan and Stevens.

For many years the 5th CD was Democratic. Speaker of the House Tom Foley represented the 5th CD for 30 years, from 1965 to 1995. Democrats hope to return the seat to the Democratic column this year as part of their national campaign to win control of Congress.