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Waiting for Republican Sex Predator Attack Ads?

The old perennial Republican sex predator attack ads on Democrats are not likely to show up this year. They’ve been a favorite here in Washington State by the Republicans.

Last January a number of targeted Democratic districts were hit with such ads. And the Republican leadership shrugged their shoulders. Here’s part of an article from the Tri City Herald by Chris Mulick:

OLYMPIA — State House Minority Leader Richard DeBolt, R-Chehalis, said Tuesday that he had nothing to do with a recent ad campaign in the 16th District and elsewhere accusing Democrats of being soft on sex crimes, but he said he saw nothing wrong with it.

Democrats and even some Republicans are furious, arguing the tactic is politicizing delicate negotiations over appropriate penalties for sex offenses while breeding intense partisanship.

Postcards were arriving as late as Monday in districts where Democrats are likely to be targeted in this year’s elections depicting the mug of a registered sex offender and stating that named Democratic lawmakers from those districts “refused to impose life sentences for violent sex predators.”

Seems that nationally Republicans also were planning the same strategy. Marianne Means in her column today in the Seattle PI notes:

“Republicans had planned attack ads in October painting Democrats as soft on sexual predators. Guess those ads won’t be running now.”

Seems Republican House Speaker Dennis Hastert with his inaction and coverup on the page scandal with Republican Representative Mark Foley of Florida is going to force the Republicans to ditch that strategy both locally and nationally.

This time I guess its the Republicans who get the October surprise. I sort of keep getting this vision of a grenade with the pin pulled being dropped and Republicans running for cover. Wonder why?

Here’s what the New York Times wrote about Foley:

“… other pages had come forward with more blatant instant messages.
“What ya wearing?” Mr. Foley wrote to one, according to the network.
“Tshirt and shorts,” the teenager responded.
“Love to slip them off of you,” Mr. Foley replied. ABC News said it had read him other messages that were far more graphic”