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Washington Conservation Voters 2016 General Election Endorsements for Legislature

The Washington Conservation Voters works to “elect environmentally responsible candidates” in Washington State. Below is their list of candidates for the Washington State Legislature they think will be leaders in protecting the environment. Additional statewide endorsements and ballot measures endorsements can be seen on their endorsement page.

Washington Conservation Voters     General Election Endorsements                     Washington State LEGISLATIVE RACES 2016

1st District
Senate: Guy Palumbo
House Position 1: Derek Stanford
House Position 2: Shelley Kloba
3rd District
Senate: Andy Billig
House Position 1: Marcus Riccelli
House Position 2: Timm Ormsby
5th District
Senate: Mark Mullet
House Position 1: Jason Ritchie
House Position 2: Darcy Burner
6th District
House Position 1: Lynnette Vehrs
10th District
Senate: Angie Homola
House Position 2: Doris Brevoort
11th District
Senate: Robert Hasegawa
House Position 1: Zachary Hudgins
House Position 2: Steven Bergquist
17th District
Senate: Tim Probst
House Position 1: Sam Kim
21st District
House Position 1: Strom Peterson
House Position 2: Lillian Ortiz-Self
22nd District
Senate: Sam Hunt
House Position 1: Laurie Dolan
House Position 2: Beth Doglio
23rd District
Senate: Christine Rolfes
House Position 1: Sherry Appleton
House Position 2: Drew Hansen
24th District
Senate: Kevin Van De Wege
House Position 1: Mike Chapman
House Position 2: Stephen Tharinger
25th District
House Position 2: Michelle Chatterton
26th District
House Position 1: Larry Seaquist
House Position 2: Randy Spitzer
27th District
Senate: Jeannie Darneille
House Position 1: Laurie Jinkins
House Position 2: Jacob Fey
28th District
Senate: Marisa Peloquin
House Position 1: Mari Leavitt
House Position 2: Christine Kilduff
29th District
House Position 1: David Sawyer
House Position 2: Steven Kirby
30th District
House Position 1: Michael Pellicciotti
House Position 2: Kristine Reeves
32nd District
House Position 1: Cindy Ryu
House Position 2: Ruth Kagi
33rd District
House Position 1: Tina Orwall
House Position 2: Mia Su-Ling Gregerson
34th District
House Position 1: Eileen Cody
House Position 2: Joseph Fitzgibbon
35th District
House Position 1: Irene Bowling
House Position 2: Craig Patti
36th District
Senate: Reuven Carlyle
House Position 1: Noel Frame
House Position 2: Gael Tarleton
37th District
House Position 1: Sharon Tomiko Santos
House Position 2: Eric Pettigrew
38th District
House Position 1: June Robinson
House Position 2: Michael Sells
40th District
Senate: Kevin Ranker
House Position 1: Kristine Lytton
House Position 2: Jeffrey Morris
41st District
House Position 1: Tana Senn
House Position 2: Judith Clibborn
42nd District
House Position 1: Sharlaine LaClair
43rd District
House Position 1: Nicole Macri
House Position 2: Frank Chopp
44th District
House Position 1: John Lovick
House Position 2: Katrina Ondracek
45th District
House Position 1: Roger Goodman
House Position 2: Lawrence Springer
46th District
House Position 1: Gerald Pollet
House Position 2: Jessyn Farrell
47th District
House Position 2: Patrick Sullivan
48th District
House Position 1: Patricia Kuderer
House Position 2: Joan McBride
49th District
Senate: Annette Cleveland
House Position 1: Sharon Wylie
House Position 2: Alishia Topper

Washington Conservation Voters Make First Round of Endorsements for 2012.

The Washington Conservation Voters has released their first round of endorsements for the 2012 elections.

The Primary Election is August 7, 2012.

The General Election is Nov. 6, 2012.

Here is their list of endorsed candidates:


Jay Inslee, Governor



Senate Candidates

Andy Billig (3rd-Spokane)

Sen. Karen Fraser (22nd-Olympia)

Sen. Christine Rolfes (23rd-Kitsap County)

Sen. Kevin Ranker (40th- Island County)

Sen. David Frockt (46th-Seattle)

House Candidates

Rep. Zack Hudgins (11th-Tukwila)

Rep. Marko Liias (21st-Lynnwood)

Rep. Kevin Van De Wege (24th-Olympic Peninsula)

Rep. Dave Upthegrove (33rd-Des Moines)

Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon (34th-West Seattle)

Rep. Reuven Carlyle (36th-Seattle)

Rep. John McCoy (38th-Everett)

Speaker of the House, Rep. Frank Chopp (43rd-Seattle)

Rep. Hans Dunshee (44th-Snohomish)

Rep. Ross Hunter (48th-Bellevue)


Thurston County

Sandra Romero, County Commissioner

Washington Conservation Voters 2010 Election Endorsements

As part of our continuing series of endorsements by progressive organizations we note that the following candidates have been endorsed by the Washington Conservation Voters. You can find out more specific information on these endorsements and the Washington Conservation Voters by clicking on their website link.

Statewide Initiatives (on November ballot)

Yes on Referendum 52

No on Initiative 1053

State Supreme Court

Pos 1: Stan Rumbaugh

Pos 6: Charlie Wiggins

Legislative District 1, Bothell

House 1: Derek Stanford

House 2: Luis Moscoso

Legislative District 5, Issaquah

House 2: Dean Willard

Legislative District 3, Spokane

House 1: Andy Billig

House 2: Timm Ormsby

Legislative District 11, Seattle, Renton

House 1: Zach Hudgins

House 2: Bob Hasegawa

Legislative District 21, Edmonds

House 1: Mary Helen Roberts

House 2: Marko Liias

Legislative District 22, Olympia

House 1: Stew Henderson

House 2: Sam Hunt

Legislative District 23, Bainbridge Island

House 1: Sherry Appleton

House 2: Christine Rolfes

Legislative District 24, Olympic Peninsula

House 1: Kevin Van de Wege

House 2: Steve Tharinger

Legislative District 25, Puyallup

House 2: Dawn Morrell

Legislative District 26, Bremerton

Senate: Derek Kilmer

House 1: Sumner Schoenike

Legislative District 27, Tacoma

House 1: Jake Fey

House 2: Jeannie Darneille

Legislative District 28, Lakewood

House 2: Tami Green

Legislative District 29, South Tacoma, Lakewood

House 1: Connie Ladenburg

Legislative District 30, Federal Way

Senate: Tracey Eide

Legislative District 32, Shoreline, Edmonds

Senate: Maralyn Chase

House 1: Cindy Ryu

House 2: Ruth Kagi

Legislative District 33, Des Moines

Senate: Karen Keiser

House 1: Tina Orwall

House 2: Dave Upthegrove

Legislative District 34, Seattle

Senate: Sharon Nelson

House 1: Eileen Cody

House 2: Joe Fitzgibbon

Legislative District 35, Belfair

House 1: Kathy Haigh

House 2: Fred Finn

Legislative District 36, Seattle

Senate: Jeanne Kohl-Welles

House 1: Reuven Carlyle

House 2: Mary Lou Dickerson

Legislative District 37, Seattle

Senate: Adam Kline

House 2: Eric Pettigrew

Legislative District 38, Everett

Senate: Nick Harper

House 1: John McCoy

House 2: Mike Sells

Legislative District 40, Anacortes

House: 1: Kristine Lytton and Tom Pasma

Legislative District 41, Mercer Island, Renton

House 1: Judy Clibborn

House 2: Marcie Maxwell

Legislative District 42, Bellingham

House 2: Kelli Linville

Legislative District 43, Seattle

Senate: Ed Murray

House 1: Jamie Pedersen

House 2: Frank Chopp

Legislative District 44, Snohomish

House 1: Hans Dunshee

Legislative District 45, Sammmish

Senate: Eric Oemig

House 1: Roger Goodman

House 2: Larry Springer

Legislative District 46, Seattle

Senate: Scott White

House 1: David Frockt

House 2: Phyllis Kenney

Legislative District 47, Kent

Senate: Claudia Kauffman

House 1: Geoff Simpson

House 2: Pat Sullivan

Legislative District 48, Bellevue

House 1: Ross Hunter

House 2: Deb Eddy

Legislative District 49, Vancouver

House 1: Jim Jacks

House 2: Jim Moeller

Kitsap County Commission

Commissioner Josh Brown

Thurston County Commission

Commissioner Karen Valenzuela

Whatcom County Council

Jean Melious

Pierce County Council

Pos. 5: Rick Talbert

Pos. 7: Betty Ringlee

Local Ballot Measures

Yes on Thurston County’s Intercity Transit’s Ballot Measure

Before Voting Check Out Washington Conservation Voters Nov 2007 Endorsements

Global Warming? Energy Conservation? Transit? Toxic Chemicals? Recycling? Which candidates running for election on the November 2007 ballot in Washington State are most likely to represent you in protecting your health and the environment? Check out the list of locally endorsed candidates running for mayor, city councils, county councils, port commissions and more at the Washington Conservation Voters website.

Local endorsements are given for Clark, King, Kitsap, Pierce, Snohomish, Thurston and Whatcom Counties.

They also recommned a No vote on Eyman’s Initiative 960. Initiative 960 is a Trojan Horse initiative meant to give minority Republicans control over the Washington State Legislature. It would allow one third of Washington State Legislators in either the House or Senate to stop any revenue increase no matter how needed the increase was. See our recent blog post, “Initiative 960 Would Turn Control of the Legislature Over to a Conservative Republican Minority

Initiative 960 is an attempt to overturn Washington State’s representative democracy based on majority rules for voting in the Washington State Constitution. I-960 would give veto power over the state budget to a minority of one third of the Legislators. You can visit the No on 960 website here.

Washington Conservation Voters also urge a Yes vote on Proposition 1 in King, Snohomish and Snohomish Counties. Proposition 1 is the Roads and Transit proposal.