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CNN projects Jon Tester winning Montana

The last two undecided U.S. Senate races , in Montana and Virginia, this morning are front and center. CNN has projected that Jon Tester has won Montana. Who wins Virginia where Jim Webb is leading Republican George Allen will determine whether or not Democrats take control of the U.S. Senate. Democrats have already clearly taken over the US House of Representatives.

Control is vital because the party in power decides who chairs committees and what happens to bills, including even being introduced. Control of the Senate by Democrats would give them a better chance of sending legislation to Bush for him to respond to. If Democrats win, expect to see Bush exercise his veto power.

In Montana latest results as of 9:51 A.M. show Democrat Jon Tester with a slight lead. CNN is projecting Tester as the winner.

Jon Tester (D) 198,032…..49.1%
Conrad Burns (R) 194,904…..48.3%

This is a lead of 3128 votes. What is not known here is late arriving absentees and any provisional ballots.

**CNN Update 2 P.M.

Jon Tester 198,302
Conrad Burns 195,455

Tester lead now of 2847 votes

In Virginia latest results show Democrat Jim Webb with a slight lead over Republican George Allen. Democrat Jim Webb leads by 6708 votes by CNN’s latest count.

Jim Webb (D) 1,170,564…..50%
George Allen (R) 1,162,117…..49%

**CNN Update 2 P.M.

Jim Webb 1,172,032
George Allen 1,165,122

Webb’s lead is now 6910 votes.

Democrats now have 50 seats (including Lieberman and Saunders) to the Republicans 49. Only Virginia remains in play. Voter results are not certified in Virginia until the end of the month. After that the loser can request a recount which could take this race near the end of December.

Washington State knows all about the drama of recounts, having endured a lengthy one in its Governor’s race two years ago that included a law suit. Democrat Christine Gregoire won that race with 133 votes to spare.