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Dembowski, Hall and Ryu Make Final Cut for Vacant King County Council Seat

The names of Rod Dembowski, Will Hall and  Cindy Ryu have been sent by King County Executive Dow Constantine to the King County Council as the finalists to fill the vacant King County Council seat in District 1.  The seat became vacant when voters in November elected King County Council member Bob Ferguson to be Washington State’s Attorney General.

As noted in today’s Seattle Times, the King County Council has 60 days in which to select one of the three to fill out the remainder of Ferguson’s term.  The 8  King County Council members still on the Council have 60 days to make their choice.  These 8 members, while elected as nonpartisan members of the Council are split 4 Democrats and 4 Republicans. The 3 finalists for the seat are all identified as Democrats. If the split Council can not make a decision, the decision will be be made by Governor Jay Inslee.

Whoever is selected will have to run for election in this year’s August Primary and if one of the top two in that Primary also run in the General Election in November. While all three say they will run for election, this might change after one of them is selected to fill the vacancy.  It is also possible and likely that others will  run in this year’s election, to challenge whoever is selected.

Of the three candidates being considered Rod Dembowski has raised some $63,936 from 222 contributions to run for election. Cindy Ryu has raised some $31,710 from 62 contributions.  Will Hall has raised $1050  from 4 donors and loaned his campaign $2000.  Cindy Ryu, as an incumbent state Legislator from the 32nd LD, is not able to raise additional funds until after the State legislative session adjourns. The regular session this year goes for 5 months and has just started. Clearly if Rod Dembowski  continues to raise money at the rate he has so far, he will have a strong financial advantage in any election later this year.

Here are the links to their websites:

Rod Dembowski

Will Hall

Cindy Ryu




King County Councilmember Bob Ferguson to Run for Washington State Attorney General

King County Council member Bob Ferguson, a Democrat, sent an e-mail out last night announcing that he was going to announce today that he is running to be the next Attorney General of Washington State. His plans have not really been so secret and neither have  the plans of the current Attorney General, Republican Rob McKenna, in his preparation and desire to be Washington State’s next Governor.

Bob Ferguson intends to officially announce his campaign to run for Attorney General later today- February 14th, 2011. The election is not until next year but next year will be a busy year, what with President Obama being on the ballot and Democratic Senator Maria Cantwell re-election efforts here in Washington State heading up the state campaign ticket for Democrats. This is in addition to 10 Congressional seats (counting the new seat as a result of popuation growth) and all the Statewide  races from Governor on down. And then there are the Legislative races.

So it is a wise decision to get an early start for a statewide race with all the other races that will be on the ballot next year. Bob Ferguson has campaigned hard in his previous races, taking on a long time Democrat incumbent, Cynthia Sullivan,  in his 1st race for King County Council and then with the downsizing of the Council, being forced to run against another Democratic  incumbent to retain his seat.

Bob Ferguson has put up a website at http://www.electbobferguson.com/ . He also has a video up on his website as part of his kickoff.

He also has a facebook page up at Bob Ferguson for Attorney General.