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The Washington Policy Center’s Nonpartisan Joke

So how many Republicans can you invite to your Annual Dinner to speak and still call yourself nonpartisan? If you’re the free market right wing Washington Policy Center, its as many as you want. Because the joke is on anyone who believes the Washington Policy Center is really nonpartisan.

This year’s guest speaker is Jeb Bush – a REPUBLICAN, the President’s brother and a former Governor of Florida. He will be in Seattle tomorrow for the WPC’s Annual Dinner.

In 2006 it was conservative columnist George Will and Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee – a REPUBLICAN now running for President.

In 2005 it was turncoat former Democratic Georgia Senator Zell Miller – who backed REPUBLICAN George Bush for President and who spoke at the REPUBLICAN National Convention
and former Congresswoman Jennifer Dunn – a REPUBLICAN

Before that the Washington Policy Center says that Past Dinner honorees included:

Colorado Governor Bill Owens – A REPUBLICAN
former NY City Mayor Rudy Giuliani,- a REPUBLICAN now running for President
Karen Hughes – President Bush’s former speechwriter – a REPUBLICAN
Steve Forbes – twice a REPUBLICAN candidate for President
former Oklahoma governor Frank Keating – a REPUBLICAN

If you believe Zell Miller breaks the Republican label mold, then the joke’s on you.