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Fisken and Bryant Seattle Port Race Getting Expensive

Alec M Fisken Jr is an incumbent Seattle Port Commissioner running for re-election in Position 5. His Primary opponent, Bill Bryant, has raised more than twice as much money as he has but has spent almost four times as much as Fisken as of August 13, 2007.

As of August 13, 2007 , Public Disclosure Commission records show Bryant has raised $181,904 and spent $117,707. Fisken has raised $90,865 and spent only $32,037. They are almost equal when comparing cash on hand. Fisken has $58,828 cash on hand and Bryant has $64,197.

Two other candidates will appear on the August 21, 2007 ballot , Catherine Perkins and Stephen Symms. Neither report that they have raised or spent any money on their campaigns.

The race is dividing progressive/ Democrat/ labor versus business/Republican interests.

Alec Fisken has secured the endorsements of King County Labor Council, King County Democrats, Washington Conservation Voters, Sierra Club-Cascade Chapter as well as the Seattle Times. Seattle PI and Stranger. He is rated outstanding by the Municipal League. Former Governor Gary Locke,and Mike Lowry as well as King County Executive Ron Sims and House Speaker Frank Chopp support Fisken.

Meanwhile Bill Bryant sports few organizational endorsements. There are four organizational endorsements on his web page including 2 builders groups – the Affordable Housing Council and BUILD. His personal endorsements include a number of Republicans, including Slade Gorton , AG Rob McKenna and former Governor Dan Evans.

Alec Fisken is an independent voice on the Seattle Port Commission and deserves re-election. If you can help with a contribution to help his voice be heard above special interest money go to Fisken’s website now.