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Ring Around the Rosy

Time to stop those nasty leaks. Someone spilled the beans. Time to clean up the mess. So let’s ignore the fact that President Bush did not have the legal authority to listen in on phone conversations without court orders. Let’s go after the person who let the dirty secret out that George felt he didn’t have to follow the law.

Hurray for the Justice Department. They sure know how to set priorities. Again one has to wonder how many other ways the Bush Administration is breaking the law. But we know what the response will be if anyone exposes Bush’s handpicked cronies violating the law. Go after the tattletale. Forget the original crime because we all know the President Puppet King is above the law. Isn’t that in the Constitution somewhere under powers of the Puppet King of the British Colonies – you remember that piece of paper signed by King George and ratified by the 13 colonies when we lost the Revolutionary War.