Strike Two on Eyman’s Initiative 917!

Last Friday Tim Eyman’s Initiative 917 did not pass the random sampling test to qualify for the November ballot. As reported first by the blog Postman on Politics a random sample of 4% of the signatures turned in, showed that I-917’s error and invalid rate was 17.96%. This included 24 duplicate signatures.

This means that the Washington Secretary of State will have to check every signature on I-917 against state voter registration lists, one by one, until more than 224,880 are found valid. To get onto the November ballot, as I have previously discussed, means Eyman must have an invalid rate on I-917 which is below 15.46%.

He has never previously qualified an initiative with that low an invalid rate. Looks like a strikeout is coming.

Strike one was not turning in enough signatures.

Strike two was not validating with a 4% random sample.

Get ready for Strike Three!

Initiative 917 would seriously cut existing funds for transportation improvements in Washington State.

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