Is Governor Gregoire Providing the Leadership We Need Now?

Below is a letter sent today to Governor Gregoire by the King County Democrats Legislative Action Committee. What do you think?

Dear Governor Gregoire:

The King County Democrats Legislative Action Committee is disappointed with your leadership on resolving our state budget crisis by not considering revenue increases as a necessary option. We are one of only two states (along with Louisiana!) where revenue increases are not on the table. Certainly circumstances have changed since your campaign last year. Leadership requires adapting to changed circumstances. The changed economic reality and the magnitude of the budget shortfall should provide a sufficient rationale to the public to explain why you have changed your mind as to how to deal with the current situation.

“An all-cuts budget doesn’t cut it.” We should not sacrifice the well-being and the very lives of our most sick and vulnerable citizens. Please support revenue increases to maintain our state’s safety net as well as provide for the educational needs of our children.

We believe a reasonable starting point should be that program cuts and revenue increases should be given equal weight in dealing with the budget shortfall. That means no more than 50% of the deficit should be program cuts. And a revenue package to make up the other 50% of the budget shortfall should be put on the ballot for voters to vote on.

Letting the voters decide is what they said they wanted. Give them the option. Let them make the final decision.

Sarajane Siegfriedt & Steve Zemke
King County Democrats Legislative Action Committee Co-Chairs

Suzie Sheary
King County Democrats Chair

Add your name to the letter. A copy of the letter as a petition to sign is available at:

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