Seattle Mayor Nickels in Trouble in First Election Returns

The first Election returns from King County Elections shows a three way tie for Seattle Mayor. Greg Nickels the incumbent is actually in third place. Michael McGinn is at the top right now with 26.56%. Joe Mallahan is in second place with 25.81%. Greg Nickels is third with 25.05%.

These are early results and it is likely this race will not be decided for a week or so if this closeness continues in the next count. This is an all mail in ballot so we aren’t waiting for precincts to report like in the past.

King County Elections results posted 8:10 PM 8/18/2009

City of Seattle Mayor

Mike McGinn 16,810 26.56%

James Donaldson 5,849 9.24%

Greg Nickels 15,859 25.05%

Joe Mallahan 16,334 25.81%

Kwame Wyking Garrett 715 1.13%

Jan Drago 4,926 7.78%

Elizabeth Campbell 1,974 3.12%

Norman Zadok Sigler 592 0.94%

Write-in 238 0.38%

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