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Washington State – Where to get election updates Nov 7, 2006

Nationally Democrats are winning races and change is coming. As of 7:30 P.M. Pacific time Democrats have picked up the Senate seats in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island. They are projected to keep New Jersey. Lieberman has won in Connecticut. So far there is a net gain of 7 Democratic seats in the House.

I’m not going to give you all the results but suggest you go to these sites for the latest results. They will do a better job of keeping you updated. I am off to the Victory Party here in Washington State. Polls close in Washington State at 8 P.M.

national results:
Election 2006 National Public Radio
Washington Post – they are listing a breakdown state by state of vote totals for Senate races, House races and Governors races.
New York Times

Washington State results
2006 Washington State Election Results – WA Secretary Of State
WA Secretary of State link to county auditors for election results
King5 Decision 2006
Seattle PI
KOMO TV Vote 2006 Election Results updated as they come in

Bush White House Using Taxpayer Dollars to Support Republican Candidates.

Why is the Bush White House using taxpayer supported public facilities and resources to support partisan Republican campaigns? The White House seems to be campaign headquarters for the Republican Party. The US Senate has an official policy which prohibits this type of blatant use of public taxpayer dollars to promote partisan campaigns.

Yet the official White House website is posting partisan campaign speeches as part of its news releases from the White House. These include campaign speeches by President Bush, Mrs Laura Bush and Vice President Cheney The only person who does not seem to be spending all their time giving partisan speeches is Cheney’s Wife.

Were these speeches written by the White House Press Corps? It certainly has the appearance of this. Are taxpayer dollars paying for this? The postings say “For Immediate Release Office of the Press Secretary” Is the press secretary working for the Republican Party?

Its no wonder our country is in such a mess and Bush can’t clean up the Iraq mess. The White House has become Grand Central Station for the Republican Party’s desperate effort to hold onto control of the House and the Senate. It appears the President is not working to solve the problems our courtry faces but is working for the Republican Party on out tax dollars.

In stark contrast the US Senate thinks it is unethical to use taxpayer funded resources and staff to promote partisan campaigns like the White House is doing. A Senate policy link from Washington State”s Senator Maria Cantwell”s official US Senate Website details Senate restrictions on use of public resources for campaigning.


Political Matter
a.Matter which specifically solicits political support for the sender or any other person or political party, or a vote or financial assistance for any candidate for any political office is prohibited.
b. Matter which mentions a Senator or an employee of a Senator as a candidate for political office, or which constitutes electioneering, or which advocates the election or defeat of any individuals, or a political party is prohibited.

Personal Matter
a. Matter which by its nature is purely personal and is unrelated to the official business activities and duties of the sender is prohibited.
b. Matter which constitutes or includes any article, account, sketch, narration, or other text laudatory and complimentary of any Senator on a purely personal or political basis rather than on the basis of performance of official duties as a Senator is prohibited.
c. Reports of how or when a Senator, the Senator’s spouse, or any other member of the Senator’s family spends time other than in the performance of, or in connection with, the legislative, representative, and other official functions of such Senator is prohibited.
d. Any transmission expressing holiday greetings from a Senator is prohibited. This prohibition does not preclude an expression of holiday greetings at the commencement or conclusion of an otherwise proper transmission.
Promotional Matter
a. The solicitation of funds for any purpose is prohibited.
b. The placement of logos or links used for personal, promotional, commercial, or partisan political campaign purposes is prohibited. “

Washington State law likewise has a similar restriction on the use of public resources to promote partisan campaigns. RCW 42.17.130 says

“No elective official nor any employee of his [or her] office nor any person appointed to or employed by any public office or agency may use or authorize the use of any of the facilities of a public office or agency, directly or indirectly, for the purpose of assisting a campaign for election of any person to any office or for the promotion of or opposition to any ballot proposition. Facilities of a public office or agency include, but are not limited to, use of stationery, postage, machines, and equipment, use of employees of the office or agency during working hours, vehicles, office space, publications of the office or agency, and clientele lists of persons served by the office or agency….”

See also Guideline for local government agencies in election campaigns

While it is nice to be able to check up on what Bush and others are saying on the campaign trail this should be on the Republican Party’s website not the taxpayer funded White House website. The Bush White House is posting campaign speeches given at partisan political fundraisers using publicly financed resources. This is wrong.

See below selected quotes from August partisan political “press releases” posted on the official White House website. The “campaign press releases” continue right through the present.

Remarks by the President at Lynn Swann for Governor Reception Lancaster Host Resort and Conference CenterLancaster, Pennsylvania August 16, 2006
I want to thank those of you who have given of your hard-earned money to help these folks. You can’t run unless the people are willing to contribute. That’s just the way it is. And the fact that Lynn and Jim have raised so much money tonight is a good sign. I want to thank you for those of you who have helped organize this event, and thank you for giving of your money. It really means a lot to them. I know. I speak with firsthand experience how much it means to have people willing to contribute.”

Vice President’s Remarks at a Luncheon for Arizona Victory 2006 Arizona Biltmore Resort and Spa Phoenix, Arizona August 15, 2006
“I want to thank all of you for the strong support you’re giving to the Republican Party, and to the victory effort that we’re mounting here in Arizona. We’re headed into the fall campaign, with a lot of important offices on the ballot. We have a good roster of candidates, and we need to make sure they have the resources they’re going to need in order to guarantee victory in November. A strong turnout on Election Day will be good for our party, good for Arizona, and good for the country. And in the weeks ahead, we need to make sure that our fellow citizens know about our agenda for extending the prosperity of the country, and for protecting America against those who wish to harm us.”

Remarks by the President at Orrin Hatch for Senate Reception Grand America Hotel Salt Lake City, Utah August 31, 2006
“We’re proud to be here with Elaine and the Hatch family. Laura said to me, she said, you get over to Utah and you help our friends come back to Washington, D.C. ….
And most of all, thanks for helping Orrin. It takes a lot of work to get this many people in the room. And for those of you who organized this event, thank you. I know how hard you worked and so does he. This is an incredibly successful fundraiser, and he deserves it.
And for those of you involved in grassroots politics, thanks a lot for your hard work. Thanks for making sure that Utah was solid in 2004, and thank you for making sure that Utah remains solid in 2006. I appreciate you putting up the signs. I appreciate you making the phone calls. I appreciate you knocking on the doors. “

Remarks by the President at Bob Corker for Senate and Tennessee Republican Party Dinner Loews Vanderbilt HotelNashville, Tennessee August 30, 2006
“It makes sense to send a man of integrity and decency to Washington, D.C. And that man is Bob Corker. (Applause.)
I’m proud to call him friend, and you’ll be proud to call him United States Senator. (Applause.) And I want to thank you for your help. I thank you for giving of your money and I urge you to give of your time. I know there’s a lot of grassroots activists who are here. And Bob and Elizabeth are going to be counting on your help, coming down the stretch. He’s got the message, he’s got the courage, but he’s going to need you to put up the signs and make the phone calls and go to community centers, and remind the good people of this state, Republican, Democrat, and independent, that when you have somebody of his caliber, they need to go to the polls and put him in office. “

Remarks by the President at Lynn Swann for Governor Reception Lancaster Host Resort and Conference CenterLancaster, Pennsylvania August 16, 2006
“I want to thank those of you who have given of your hard-earned money to help these folks. I want to thank those of you who have given of your hard-earned money to help these folks. You can’t run unless the people are willing to contribute. That’s just the way it is. And the fact that Lynn and Jim have raised so much money tonight is a good sign. I want to thank you for those of you who have helped organize this event, and thank you for giving of your money. It really means a lot to them. I know. I speak with firsthand experience how much it means to have people willing to contribute.”

Vice President’s Remarks at a Luncheon for Arizona Victory 2006 Arizona Biltmore Resort and Spa Phoenix, Arizona August 15, 2006
“I want to thank all of you for the strong support you’re giving to the Republican Party, and to the victory effort that we’re mounting here in Arizona. We’re headed into the fall campaign, with a lot of important offices on the ballot. We have a good roster of candidates, and we need to make sure they have the resources they’re going to need in order to guarantee victory in November. A strong turnout on Election Day will be good for our party, good for Arizona, and good for the country. And in the weeks ahead, we need to make sure that our fellow citizens know about our agenda for extending the prosperity.”


One of those lesser paid attention to judicial races this year is the re-election campaign of Washington State Court of Appeals Judge Mary Kay Becker. Two years ago she ran for the Washington State Supreme Court, only to be swamped under by special interest money from the BIAW.

Supreme Court Justice Jim Johnson won that race with the help of the Building Industry Association of Washington, which alone contributed more money to Jim Johnson than the total raised by Mary Kay Becker. And she raised over $158,000.

This year Mary Kay Becker is running for re-election to the Court of Appeals and is being challenged by a conservative pro-developer candidate named Jeff Teichert.

The Washington State Court of Appeals is comprised of 22 judges, elected to 6 year terms. Mary Kay Becker is running in Division 1, District 3, Position 1. This seat will be voted on by voters in Island, San Juan, Skagit, and Whatcom Counties.

Because there are only two candidates in this judicial race, the candidate who receives the majority of the votes in the Sept. 19th primary will be the winner.

The Bellingham Herald on Sunday endorsed Mary Kay Becker in an editorial entitled “Mary Kay Becker has proved her qualifications as a judge“, noting that

What’s most important in this election, though, is Becker’s reputation as a reasonable, thoughtful appeals court judge. Her decisions have been well received and influential to higher courts. She is rated “exceptionally well qualified” by bar groups.

Becker’s record is the main issue in this election. She is challenged by Bellingham attorney Jeffrey Teichert, who says he is running because he feels that Becker and some of her colleagues are too “activist” in their decisions and don’t look to the original meaning of the Constitution and laws when they make their decisions.”

We respect Teichert, and enjoyed meeting him and hearing his ideas. We share some concern that courts too often go beyond the intent of legislation in their rulings. But we find little evidence that his view of Becker’s work is accurate. In our meeting with the candidates, Teichert pointed to a couple cases in which he felt the court Becker serves on went too far. But Becker pointed out, correctly, that the decisions he cites held up on appeal. That is not because they were “activist” and approved by other “activist” judges, but because they were well grounded in state legal precedent and in the spirit of the laws passed by the Legislature.

Bellingham Herald in June noted that “Whatcom County Republican Party Chairman Bruce Ayers said Teichert’s campaign would be a focus this fall. “ They also report that “Seattle Times reporter David Postman on his blog, a campaign letter from Teichert made its way onto the Web site of the Faith and Freedom Network, which works to ‘advance Judeo-Christian values across the nation.’ “

Teichert has also been endorsed by former Senator Slade Gorton and her former Supreme Court opponent, now Justice Jim Johnson.

Meanwhile Mary Kay Becker has been endorsed by seven of the nine current Supreme Court Justices – Gerry L. Alexander, Chief Justice, Charles W. Johnson, Barbara Madsen, Tom Chambers, Bobbe Bridge, Susan Owens, and Mary Fairhurst. Also she has received the endorsement of 4 retired Justices: Richard Guy,Faith Ireland, C.Z. Smith, and Robert Utter.

Mary Kay Becker deserves our support. Personally I would like to see her run again for the Washington State Supreme Court. Until such time however we must get her re-elected to the Court of Appeals. You can help her by either volunteering or making a contribution to her campaign. Her website is http://www.reelectjudgebecker.com/

Iraq is Bush’s War, not Senator Maria Cantwell’s!

President Bush started the Iraq War, not Senator Maria Cantwell. It was a preemptive war that was started based on false and erroneous information. Senator Cantwell has previously acknowledged that, “If we knew then what we know now there probably never would have been a vote by Congress to go into Iraq.” At the time the majority of Democrats voted 29 to 21 to support Bush.

Mark Wilson, who was an anti-war candidate running against Cantwell on the war, ended his campaign on Sunday. He has joined forces with Cantwell, believing that they share similar goals of ending the war. In a Seattle PI article he is quoted as saying they agree that “there must be no permanent American bases in Iraq.”

Mark Wilson position is welcomed by those of us that believe the primary objective of this election year must be for Democrats to gain control of the Senate and the House. Politics is the art of compromise and practicality. Mark Wilson has realized that while he has made the Iraq War a campaign issue he did not have the resources or supporters to mount a serious challenge. Continuing his campaign would have done more to hurt efforts to end the war than help.

Senator Cantwell has not been a lover of Saddam Hussein, and in fact voted to support the current President’s Father in what is now known as the “Gulf War”. There is no way a thinking, caring person is going to say that they supported the type of dictator Saddam Hussein was or the murderous way he kept power in Iraq.

Cantwell took a tough vote along with many other Democrats in 2002. As CNN noted on Oct. 11, 2002 , “the Senate early Friday voted 77-23 to authorize President Bush to attack Iraq if Saddam Hussein refuses to give up weapons of mass destruction as required by U.N. resolutions. ….The Bush administration and its supporters in Congress say Saddam has kept a stockpile of chemical and biological weapons in violation of U.N. resolutions and has continued efforts to develop nuclear weapons. Bush also has argued that Iraq could give chemical or biological weapons to terrorists. “

As we now know this rationale, has since been discredited and was based on faulty information. But at the time many Democrats joined with the Republicans in voting to give Bush authority if necessary to invade Iraq based on what they were told by the Bush Administration. In fact 29 Democratic Senators voted yes, not just Maria Cantwell.

Here is a list of those Democrats: Baucus (MT), Bayh (IN), Biden (DE), Breaux (LA), Cantwell (WA), Carnahan (MO), Carper (DE), Cleland (GA). Clinton (NY), Daschle (SD), Dodd (CT), Dorgan (ND), Edwards (NC), Feinstein (CA), Harkin (IA), Hollings (SD). Johnson (SD), Kerry (MA), Kohl (WI), Landrieu (LA), Lieberman (CT), Lincoln (AR), Miller (GA), Nelson (FL), Nelson (NE), Reid (NV), Rockefeller (WV), Schemer (NY), and Torricelli (NJ)

If you still really feel passionate about this issue log onto Act for Change and send Cantwell an e-mail about how you feel about her vote. But at some point we literally need to move on. Cantwell has and is looking for solutions to get us out of Iraq. Cantwell’s Republican opponent is not going to oppose Bush’s war policies. If Cantwell loses it will be an affirmation for the war, not a vote against the war. A Republican win is another vote to support Bush.

Senator Cantwell is calling for setting milestones for getting out of Iraq. On David Goldstein’s show Sunday night on KIRO 710 she said that “This year is the time to turn the sovereignty and security issues over to Iraq”

She emphasized that last year’s 79 to 19 vote by Democrats and Republicans calling for starting to bring the troops home this year was a turning point. It was a contrast to Bush’s “head in the sand approach.”

Sound leadership means setting goals and expectations. Cantwell is committed to a structured withdrawal from Iraq based on setting milestones , holding people accountable and ending Bush’s blank check policy of war in Iraq.

Because that is what the Republicans just voted for in opposing a timetable to get out of Iraq. They voted for blank check warfare.

Iraq has become the never ending war George Orwell wrote about in 1984. A perpetual war keeps the people in fear and allows for their domination. War is Peace was a Government slogan. . When you say it, “war is peace”, isn’t this what Bush is saying because otherwise to him the only alternative is “cut and run”.

Senator Cantwell is opposed to this idea of a never ending war that the Bush lack of leadership is foisting on the American people. Cantwell sees’ “lots of twists and turns” and acknowledges that there is less water, less electricity and less oil than before the war. Yet she sees optimism in the recent vote of Iraqis for their government. She called it “impressive.” She witnessed people bringing their children with them as they voted. Children were sticking their fingers in the blue ink, taking part in the process.

The number one priority Senator Cantwell sees is to get the Iraq Security Forces trained, which she says General Casey has said will be happening by the end of the year.

In addition Senator Cantwell believes more effort needs to be made to get other countries who pledged support to follow through. She noted some $13 billion of outstanding commitments from other countries exists. “Let’s get it into Iraq” says Cantwell.

She believes our countries best interests are served by trying to get more more countries involved and supports a bipartisan effort by previous Presidents Bush and Clinton getting involved.

Listening to Senator Cantwell speak on Goldstein’s show let’s one see why Mark Wilson would quit his candidacy to support Cantwell. On the radio Mark Wilson acknowledged to Goldstein that his chances had been a long shot. He also reached the conclusion that working to elect a Democratic majority in the U S Senate would more likely happen by working to re-elect Senator Maria Cantwell than by continuing his efforts to debate the issues. Besides he noted, he’s not independently wealthy nor was there a large enough network of moneyed supporters for him to wage a serious primary challenge.

The Solution to Global Warming – Just Call it "Life"

The latest attempt by the conservatives and corporate interests is to mimic a proven tactic from the Bush and Rove notebook of deceit. Remember when they tried to solve the Hanford radioactive waste problem in Washington State. Simple, just rename toxic waste as non-toxic and you no longer have a problem.

Its a variation of the Healthy Forests Initiative – read timber cutting and Clear Skys Initiative -read reduce air pollution restrictions. Its called branding.

Others call it framing.

Well it seems the Competitive Enterprise Institute also likes these ideas of Bush and Rove.. You may have seen the two ads they have just started running on TV. The latest corporate solution to solve the global warming problem is to rename it. Don’t call CO2 a pollutant. Call it life. I kid you not. They will just advertize the problem away.

Watch the ads for yourself. Unfortunately they are right. Global pollution and global warming from CO2 will be your future life all right if they get their way.

Here’s the first ad:

“There’s something in this picture you can’t see.
Its essential to life.
We breathe it out. Plants breathe it in. It comes from animal life, the oceans, the earth and the fuels we find it in.
It’s called CO2 . The fuels that produce it have freed us from a world of backbreaking labor, lighting up our lives, allowing us to create and move the things we need, the people we love.
Now some politicians want to label carbon dioxide a pollutant.
Imagine if they succeed.
What would our lives be like then
Carbon dioxide, they call it pollution, we call it life.”

My version:

There’s something in this picture you can’t see.
It’s essential to corporations.
They gather it in. It’s called wealth and power.
Now corporations want to accumulate as much as they can.
They want you to believe global warming is a myth.
They’ll tell you again and again.
Imagine if they succeed
What would our lives be like then?
Global warming, they call it a myth.
We call it greed.

Plug – Get more informed on this issue – Watch “An Inconvenient Truth

BIAW Kills Proposed Rule that Drinking Water be Available at all Times for Farm Workers

The Building Industry Association of Washington (BIAW), according to KPLU, is bragging how they stopped an emergency rule that required that ” drinking water be available at all times” for farm workers and other outdoor workers. The proposed rule also would have required a shaded rest area and education efforts for workers and supervisors about the danger of heat stress.

My wife last night mentioned that she had heard the story on KPLU and this morning I went to their website and listened to it. I am just as appalled as she was in listening to it. Click here to listen to the broadcast “Heat Stress: The Politics Behind State Rule-Making”

BIAW Human Resources Analyst Amy Brackenbury in the KPLU newscast indignantly retorts, “Are you serious with this? Another, you know, this is just another thing that we are going to have to do. This is very frustrating.”

Oh how horrible it is, how frustrating it is that people sweat in the sun, harvesting crops, so we can have food to eat and they need to drink water. What is the matter with these people? Drink water? Isn’t it enough that we let them work for us?

Well what are the consequences of not providing water? Like maybe death? KPLU reports that last summer a 64 year old farm worker died from heat stress in Washington State. No drinking water was available. Four deaths were also reported last year in California, including a Kern County, California farm worker. And many workers can suffer heat related illnesses that do not result in death but still are serious.

Unless the BIAW doesn’t read what it links to on its own website, it should be well aware of the dangers.The BIAW links to the “Heat Stress” information page of the Washington State Bureau of Labor and Industries .

In an EPA document on that page entitled “Heat Stress in Agriculture” it says that

“High air temperatures and humidities put agricultural workers at special risk of heat illness. Worker Compensation claims for heat illness among agricultural workers are among the highest of any occupation. …

Heat stress is the buildup in the body of heat generated by the muscles during work and of heat coming from warm and hot environments. Heat exhaustion and heat stroke result when the body is subjected to more heat than it can cope with.

When the body becomes overheated, less blood goes to the active muscles, the brain, and other internal organs. Workers get weaker, become tired sooner, and may be less alert, less able to use good judgment, and less able to do their jobs well.

As strain from heat becomes more severe, there can be a rapid rise in body temperature and heart rate. Workers may not realize that this is happening because there is no pain. Mental performance can be affected with an increase in body temperature of 2oF above normal. An increase of 5oF can result in serious illness or death.

The most serious illness is heat stroke. Its effects can include confusion, irrational behavior, convulsions, coma, and even death. Heat stroke can make survivors very sensitive to heat for months and cause varying degrees of brain and kidney damage. More than 20 percent of people afflicted by heat stroke die, even young and healthy adults. An average of nearly 500 people are killed each year in the United States by the effects of heat.

During hot weather, heat illness may be an underlying cause of other types of injuries, such as heart attacks on the job, falls, and equipment accidents arising from poor judgment.
What do workers need in terms of water? The AgSafeWorker on the same “heat stress” page says:

Research in sports, exercise, military and some industrial settings has yielded lessons about heat stress that are very applicable but not widely understood or easily applied in agricultural workplaces.Not surprisingly, the single measure that these studies suggest as most important for reducing risks of heat stress is to steadily replenish the fluid that the body loses as sweat. Because thirst is a late signal of a water deficit, drinking based on what we know is a safer strategy than drinking based on what we feel. Chugging to quench an intense thirst is no more timely than pouring water on a wilted plant.

The amount of water needed to replace sweat loss is a function of workload, weather, and personal physical attributes. A military guideline recommends drinking one quart per hour when performing hard work and wearing protective gear in 90+ degree temperatures and resting for 50 minutes per hour!
For moderate work in temperatures of 82-90 degrees, the standard is about 3/4 quart and only 20 minutes of rest per hour. Of course, few if any businesses can afford to follow those rest guidelines, but all can strive to help workers meet the fluid replenishment advice.

Washington’s current regulation covering farmworkers and heat stress was written over 33 years ago. It is printed below:

WAC 296-62-09013 Temperature, radiant heat, or temperature-humidity combinations.(1) Workmen subjected to temperature extremes, radiant heat, humidity, or air velocity combinations which, over a period of time, are likely to produce physiological responses which are harmful shall be afforded protection by use of adequate controls, methods or procedures, or protective clothing. This shall not be construed to apply to normal occupations under atmospheric conditions which may be expected in the area except that special provisions which are required by other regulations for certain areas or occupations shall prevail.[Order 73-3, 296-62-09013, filed 5/7/73.]

I highlighted the second sentence because one could easily interpret the second sentence as voiding the weak first sentence because farming is a “normal occupation in Yakima and it is usually hot in the summer” so there is no need for regulation.

At the request of the United Farm workers, the Department of Labor and Industries was asked to implement an emergency rule to help protect farmworkers from heat related illnesses and death. California, after four deaths of farmworkers last year, put just such an emergency
regulation in effect at the request of Governor Schwarzenegger.

United Farmworkers proposed that Washington State implement a similar three part rule: to prevent heat stroke and other heat stress illness:

1. Make drinking water available at all times.
2. Provide a shaded rest area.
3. Educate employers and employees about the dangers of heat stress.

Labor and industries started the review process to put in place a new rule.

In the truest sense of showing concern for farmworkers, Amy Brackenbury of the BIAW showed the BIAW’s keen sense of compassion and concern for fellow human beings by opposing the rule change. ON KPLU she responded, “We made it very clear from the very beginning. If Labor and Industries continued down this track they were headed, we would challenge it in court. If not successful there, we, you know, would take it to the people like we did with the ergonomics rule several years ago.”

Labor and Industry, like true cowards, cowered by the mighty BIAW, caved in. Who needs water anyway? They have keep the present rule as is, supposedly made some change in a rule for indoor workers and decided to push education.

Meanwhile I heard the BIAW has removed all drinking water access from their organization’s building in Olympia, saying that if its good enough for the farm workers, its good enough for them. Employees are responsible for bringing their own water. They are strictly monitored for any abuses. They said it was a show of their solidarity for the farmworkers.

Meanwhile in the real world The United Farm Workers are continuing their campaign for farm worker water and shade requirements and urge that Gary Weeks, the Director of Labor and Industry, not accept the final rule modification adopted but instead implement the earlier proposed rule, specifically requiring water and shade be available for all workers. By clicking here you can go to the United Farm Workers Action page and send an e-mail to Labor and Industry asking whether they are a tool of the BIAW or if they represent workers in this state.

The BIAW is the same BIAW that in the last several elections has pumped hundreds of thousands of dollars into its PAC’s to skirt campaign finance laws limiting direct contributions to candidates. Their candidates receiving this so called “independent”‘ support have include Rob McKenna in his race for Washington State Attorney General and two Supreme Court Justices – Justice Jim Johnson and Saunders.

On election night the BIAW reported in its own newsletter that McKenna had called them and said “if it were not for the BIAW I wouldn’t have been elected.” The BIAW had spent some $275,000 on 1200 TV ads attacking McKenna’s opponent.

The BIAW gave some $100,000 directly to Jim Johnson’s race for Washington State Supreme Court in 2004. The Washington State Legislature this year passed legislation limiting such direct contributions in the future to Supreme Court Justices. This year the BIAW is planning to do like it did with McKenna and spend the money on it’s own as it works to elect more BIAW type Supreme Court Justices. I wonder if their candidates will agree with the BIAW that farmworkers don’t need water or shade?

I Love You George. Let me Continue Your Work!

Here it is. 1000 words.