McGavick and Kerry Swiftboating and Lapdog Press and Election Day 2006

Senator Maria Cantwell and other Democrats need your vote and deserve your vote today. It’s time to have a Congress that deals with real issues not those of Republicans who have shown they will do anything for corporations and multi-millionaires and prefer to spend time critiquing one’s ability to tell a joke rather than discuss solutions to Bush’s Iraq quagmire.

The national Republican noise machine and the wimpy media that can’t think for itself caused most Democrats and others to cut and run from John Kerry after he supposibly messed up the telling of a joke.

In Washington State Republican Mike McGavick, Cantwell’s opponent, chimed in by joining the bandwagon of people willing to continue swiftboating tactics on Democrats. They speak of civility yet their actions speak otherwise.

The question today is how many voters will see through all the smokescreens and deceptions and manipulations and voter suppression efforts and dirty campaigning and decide to just walk away from Republican candidates like McGavick.

Because that is what this election is about – choosing which party you trust that has your best interests at heart and is straight forward in addressing the tough issues America face today – like getting out of Iraq or catching Osama bin Laden.

Republicans like Senate candidate Mike McGavick were so desperate for an issue to give them traction that they hypocritically resorted to literary and drama criticism. Somehow they thought that attacking John Kerry’s joke telling ability was a campaign issue that voters would get excited about. The whole point was to take peoples minds off of Iraq.

Was Senator Kerry’s joke telling ability really a campaign issue?

Republicans nationally turned up the right wing noise machine. As usual the media which loves to have “controversy” did their bidding – even when the controversy was contrived and artificial. The lap dog media, loving car crashes and fires and any type of controversy, followed willing and became Republican attack dogs themselves by giving the huge attention they did to this Republican diversionary tactic.

They joined a very orchestrated crowd attack by the Republicans and it worked. Senator Kerry became persona non grata – again a slickly run campaign attack about a mangled joke became an issue that took everyone’s attention off of the Bush Administration’s failures in catching Osama bin Laden and the failure of the war in Iraq. Bush and Rove succeeded beyond their dreams.

The media once again was cleverly manipulated to do the Rove’s bidding. Bush mangles language all the time. He is socially inept and late night comedians are always supplied with lots of video clips and Bush speeches to laugh at. So why was the media so quick to do the Republicans bidding and get off covering real campaign issues?

If the issue was jokes, then was it a joke that 103 Americans were killed in Iraq last month? Or was it a joke that Republicans like Mike McGavick were still fumbling around trying to find something to talk about? What is the joke that the main justification for being in Iraq is being answered with the statement that we must support the troops?

In a recent ad McGavick attacked Cantwell for changing her position on Iraq from 3 years ago. Should she have kept her head buried in sand like Bush has done in Iraq?

McGavick’s solution. “Beat the Terrorists. Partition the country if we have to and get our troops home, in victory” Besides partition the country – isn’t that cut and run – beat the terrorists is supposibly what Bush has been doing the last 5 years. Stay the course.

As part of his plan to beat the terrorists, McGavick decided to use a botched joke is part of his plan to sell his lack of a plan on what to do in Iraq. Republicans are using political jutisui to turn the Democrats criticism of the Republicans back on them.

Bush’s campaign attack is now asking where is the Democratic plan to win? That’s just turning the question back on itself. That’s just trying to take attention off his failures. Where is Bush’s plan? Oh right its stay the course but we’re not calling it that.

And that’s all Mcgavick’s position is on Iraq also. “Beat the Terrorists ….bring the troops home, in victory” His partition the country is just what’s likely to happen on its own.

So it was informative that lobbyist and insurance man Mike McGavick joined the Bush Republican chorus on attacking Kerry. Same swiftboating by Republicans as before. I don’t find any mention on McGavick’s website of his having served in the military yet here he is “defending the troops” from “troop hater” foreign war veteran John Kerry.

What is wrong with the main stream media that it made what Kerry said an issue? What is wrong is that they joined the Republican strategy of making “waving the flag” and “supporting the troops.” the patriotic thing over waging a just war or facing the reality of the hornet’s nest Bush stirred up in Iraq.

Supporting the troops was only really a clever way for Bush and Rove to create another can’t lose issue – like supporting motherhood issues which are falsely packaged in can’t lose names like supporting ‘healthy forests’ or supporting ‘clear skies.’ That may be clever marketing by former corporate types scattered around the Bush Administration but pooh is still poop even if you call it something else.

How the hell are you really “supporting the troops” if you don’t face the reality that the troops are engaged in a quagmire of a civil war that a botched effort by Bush helped create. That’s where the outrage should be directed because even when Kerry stumbled over his Bush joke, he was still right.

The reality is that the military is a place that recruits people who haven’t gotten a good education. If they had a better choice, do you think they would give it up to go to Iraq to spend their days worrying about being blown apart everytime they leave their base?

What is wrong with saying that? It’s the emperor has no clothes. The media in joining the Republican attack on John Kerry showed that they are still unwilling to face the reality that they need to deal with the issues, not whether someone didn’t tell a joke the way they had written it out on a piece of paper.

The media became Republican lapdogs when they did the bidding of a bunch of right wing fanatics desperate to justify an unnecessary war looking for scapegoats on the other side when they joined the once again swiftboating of Kerry. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Our country is being run by a bunch of nuts who have been able to use the absurd logic that we are supporting our troops by keeping our mouth shut about whether we should even be there. Its not a joke that the mainstream media types spent so much time over a joke made by a past candidate rather than dealing with the real issues involved.

Hopefully today the American voters will show the Republicans you can’t fool all of the people all of the time. I think Democrats are going to win big today. They are tired of Republican lies and deception. It’s time to deal with real issues, not joketelling.

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