46th District Democrats Add New Endorsements

The 46th Legislative District Democrats in North Seattle met last night and made more endorsements for the November 6, 2007 election. See the previous list of endorsements here. A 2/3 vote is required to be endorsed.

Seattle School Board District 1 – Peter Maier

Seattle School Board District 6 – Maria Ramirez and Steve Sundquist (dual endorsement)

King County Initiative 25 (elected director of elections) – NO

King County Proposition 1 – Medic One – Emergency Medical Services – APPROVE

Sound Transit and RTID (Regional Transportation Investment District) – Prop. 1 -no position

Initiative 960 – NO

Referendum Measure 67 – APPROVE

Engrossed Substitute Senate Joint Resolution 8206 – no position

Senate Joint Resolution 8212 – no position

Engrossed House Joint Resolution 4204 -Simple Majority for School Bonds – APPROVE

Substitute House Joint Resolution 4215 – no position

The no on Eyman’s Initiative 960 to give a 1/3 minority in the Legislature veto power over any tax increases was unanimous as was the yes (approve) vote for Engrossed House Joint Resolution 4204 to amend the Constitution to allow school levies to pass by a simple majority.

I am a PCO in the 46th L.D. The Sound Transit and RTID Proposition received a 53 to 33 vote after hearing pro arguments from Transportation Choices Coalition and con from the Sierra Club. The other 3 “no position” votes on issues were the result of people feeling they did not sufficiently understand the issues involved. I wondered how if we political animals could not make a decision how we expected voters to do any better.

As a result I moved that the organization in the future anticipate this by having a committee set up to review and make recommendations for the endorsement meeting. I felt somebody needed to understand the issues and be able to answer questions. The 46th LD Democrats voted and approved the motion. Afterwards it was suggested that this be handled by the existing Legislative Action Committee which seems logical.

The District also voted to make several contributions to campaigns. Originally when the budget was being approved earlier in the year no contributions were in it. Several of us objected and contributions were added.

Bill Sherman – Prosecuting Attorney $500

Gael Tarleton – Port of Seattle #2 $100

Alec Fisken – Port of Seattle #5 $500

No on I-960 $100

Yes on 4204 $500

This was the last meeting to be chaired by Scott White who is stepping down as Chair to run for the Washington State Legislature next year. Scott is running for the seat being vacated by Representative Jim McIntire who is running next year for State Treasurer.

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