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Rep. Jay Inslee May be Next Secretary of Interior

Among the names circulating as possible candidates for positions in an Obama administration is that of Democratic Congressman Jay Inslee for Secretary of the Interior. A second name mentioned is that of Robert F Kennedy, Jr.

You can check out the list of names of potential candidates being discussed for staff and Cabinet positions in an Obama Administration according to a post today by Politico.

As noted by Politico:

“The list is heavy on campaign heavyweights and Washington insiders, many of them from the administration of President Bill Clinton. So while surprises can be expected to crop up — especially on any Republican members of the Cabinet — many of the selections would likely be proven hands who would provoke little controversy. Obama has not communicated his final choice on any of these posts but plans to move very quickly if he is elected, according to the sources. They point to the political price that Clinton paid for dilly-dallying on his appointments and nomination. “

Good for a little diversion and feel good reading at seeing some great names as possible key players in an Obama Administration but don’t forget the election isn’t over yet. Just a few more reasons to keep working hard to put a great new team in place in Washington DC. Vote Barack Obama for President!

And don’t forget the local races to keep Washington moving forward as part of the national change.

Vote Nov. 4, 2008 for:

Chris Gregoire for Governor,
Peter Goldmark for Public Lands Commissioner,
John Ladenburg for Attorney General,
Jason Osgood for Secretary of State,
Jim McIntire for State Treasurer,
Darcy Burner for Congress
George Fearing for Congress.

Hastings and McMorris Rodgers Consistently Vote Against the Environment

The national League of Conservation Voters gave Republicans Doc Hastings (WA-4) and Cathy McMorris Rodgers (WA-5) both a 5 out of 100 rating for their environmental voting record for 2007. For the first time in 9 years Hastings scored one environmentally correct vote. For the previous 8 years Hastings had a score of zero. McMorris Rodgers also had a zero for her previous rating.

Hasting is being challenged this year by Democrat George Fearing.

Republican Dave Reichert (WA-8), in a tough re-election campaign in eastern King County, has finally seen the green light through the trees and actually doubled his score from 43 in the previous session of Congress to an 85 rating for 2007. Reichert is facing Democratic challenger Darcy Burner who he narrowly beat in 2006.

Of course one has to evaluate what this score actually represents for Reichert. A careful look at two different bills that Reichert voted for last year and this year show that he opposed the bills at every step of the way up until the final vote. You can read these stories about Reichert at Daniel Kirkdorffer’s blog On the Road to 2008.

see “Reichert Votes For Another Bill He Opposes Every Step Of The Way” Jan 18, 2007 and “Anatomy of a Reichert Vote ” Feb. 28, 2008

We observed this same voting behavior by Reichert, when he first voted for an amendment to weaken popcorn worker safety legislation and then was the outcome was clear, voted for final passage of the bill.

see “Republicans Hastings, McMorris Rodgers and Reichert Record Votes Opposing Popcorn Worker Safety” Oct 1, 2007

Meanwhile all of Washington’s Democratic Congressmen continued their strong voting records for the environment in 2007. Jay Inslee (WA-1), Brian Baird (WA-3), Norm Dicks (WA-6), and Jim McDermott (WA -7) all received scores of 95. Adam Smith (WA-9) received a 90 and Rick Larsen (WA-2) received the lowest rating of 80.

On the Senate side, Democrats Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell both received scores of 87 for their 2007 voting records.

Darcy Burner Tops $122,000 in Netroots Fundraiser

breaking news: Darcy Burner, Democratic candidate for Congress (WA-08) announced today at her Town Hall forum on Iraq that Major General Paul D Eaton, retired, has agreed to head up a panel of experts to help develop an Exit Plan for leaving Iraq. General Eaton was in Iraq in 2003 heading efforts to rebuild Iraq’s military. He is a critic of Bush’s lack of direction and results in ending our war efforts in Iraq.

Thank you Darcy for taking action, and working for solutions. You can help Darcy continue her efforts. Go to http://www.darcyburner.com/ and contribute to counter Bush’s effort to put $10,000 checks in the hands of the Republican Party and Congressman Reichert’s back pockets.

As of about 3:45 P.M. – 2721 people have contributed over $104,788 to Burner. Contributions are still being accepted to help Darcy run a strong campaign. Watch the Town Hall discussion and give today.
Update 5:00 P.M. – 2762 people have contributed $105,945. Help the number grow. Send a loud message to Reichert that Darcy’s coming again!
Update 12:00 P.M. Tues. 3195 people contributed $122,160 – final tally!

It’s payola time for Reichert. Seeing Bush on the public’s dollar traveling to Washington State to raise money for an incumbent Republican Congressman who nearly didn’t return last year – certainly shows Bush’s priorities and pay back for Reichert’s loyalty in supporting Bush’s War.

Bush is busy fundraising while the War rages on in Iraq and people continue to die. Instead of working today for an end to the war, like trying to get Iraq to take responsibility for working out their political differences, or dealing with any of the other pressing problems facing America, he is busy raising money for partisan gain. It shows his priorities are not to deal with the nation’s problems or Iraq. No surprise here.

Instead of meeting with the general public or the press, he is meeting with partisan donors.

Meanwhile Darcy Burner is holding a unique Town Hall meeting streaming live over UStreamTV. Panelists are discussing Iraq and foreign policy issues. It is an innovative approach to help shape the public debate and put Reichert on notice that he is in for a tough re-election campaign again next year.

The Glass Ceiling for Women in Politics

Democrat Darcy Burner, who lost a very close election for Congress in the 8th CD in Washington State started the discussion. She mused on what might have happened when she lost in a Republican leaning Congressional District to an incumbent whose previous job had been as the Sheriff of King County, the state’s largest county.

Problem is, she did her musing to some Seattle Times reporters and then they started spinning it around. It started with the headline on a blog written by Jim Brunner on the blog Postman on Politics. He entitled his post “A Glass Ceiling for Darcy?”

Part of Darcy’s musing included the following in an e-mail she sent to Brunner.

There has been a lot of talk about this year’s Democratic wave, but it was clearly a wave that helped men more than women. A reasonable hypothesis would be that the wave was related to voter feeling about the war, and that voters responded by preferring Democratic male challengers to Republican incumbents (of either gender), but did not apply that same preference to Democratic female challengers.”

Brunner then belittles newcomer Burner by pointing to Republican Jennifer Dunn previously representing the District. Prior to Dunn running for Congress she was the Chair of the State Republican Party from 1981 to 1992. Democrat Patty Murray won in the 8th in 2004 after already having been a Senator for 6 years. And Democrat Christine Gregoire won in the 8th in her Governor’s race after having been Washington State Attorney General. In addition one needs to consider each of their opponents.

No one disputes, I think, that Burner did not have the name recognition or political experience that these candidates did or the name familiarity and political experience of Sheriff Congressman Dave Reichert. The district has been considered a Republican District and Burner was running against a Republican incumbent Congressman. There were a number of factors, besides these, any one of which by itself could have been the margin of difference in this race. However I thought it was rather dismissive of Brenner to question Darcy’s saying that gender could have been an issue because irregardless of Darcy’s experience or other factors, gender is an issue in every race a woman runs in.

In his next days post entitled “Final Thoughts on Burner” Brenner backs off some noting that the issue of gender is a factor.

“For the record, I don’t think it loopy to look at the role gender can play in an election. You can see it in the “gender gap” which generally has men favoring Republicans and women leaning Democratic. Male and female candidates can be perceived differently. (Some comments in yesterday’s thread only strengthened Burner’s argument by calling her “honey” and telling her to stay at home with the kid.)
But for every male chauvinist out there, there are others who prefer to vote for women. As long as I’ve covered politics here, I’ve heard consultants speak about women candidates as having an advantage. Our state Legislature
ranks 3rd in the percentage of women in the Legislature, according to Rutgers University’s Center for American Women and Politics, which also has loads of other data on women in elected office.
For another perspective, researchers
here suggest that many Congressional districts treat Democratic women differently than Republican women. In Washington’s 8th , they predict Republican women having an easier go than Democrats. The methodology is complicated, so take a look for yourself.”

I think Darcy Burner raised an important point that has not been sufficiently looked at even in this state. That is not to say that any number of factors mentioned by others did not also impact this race. And I am not saying that gender was the deciding factor in this race nor did I read Darcy as saying this.

What Darcy did was raise the question. And she is right to raise the question about gender as a factor in who Americans vote for because the numbers show that she was running with an extreme handicap.

The Washington Post in an article headlined “Hill Demographic Goes Slightly More Female” says:

“The House and Senate elections …..added at least five women to the next Congress, the only notable demographic shift in an otherwise dramatic political upheaval……Women in Congress made a net gain of five seats, three in the House and two in the Senate, bringing the total to 86. At least eight new Democratic women and two Republican women were elected to the House, with the possibility of a few more in still unresolved races. Two female Senate victors — Democrats Claire McCaskill of Missouri and Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota — will bring the number in that body to 16.”

But a closer look at this slight gain reveals a harsh truth of how we view women in public office.

Even with this year’s election results, nationally women only make up 16% of the members in the US House and also 16% in the US Senate. There are now 16 women who are US Senators and 70 women who are Representatives in the US House. Men hold 84% of the seats in Congress.

How does this compare with the rest of the world? Well to be honest, we stink.

Internationally we rank 67th out of 189 nations in the percentage of women in national parliaments. Rawanda has 48.8%, Sweden 47.3%, Costa Rica 38.6 ….. even Afghanistan at 27.3% women and Iraq at 25.5% have more women in office. In the United States of America we only have women at 16%.
You can see the list at Women in National Parliaments.

And its not just Congress.

As Trinity University’s Presidents Blog notes in commenting on Nancy Pelosi, class of 1962, becoming Speaker of the House , there is still a long way to go for more women to become part of the political power structure:

“Only 8 women are currently governors of states, including Trinity Alumna Kathleen Gilligan Sebelius in Kansas. In all 225 years of U.S. history, only 25 women have ever been governors.”

Again the current numbers translate to 16% of Governors being female.

While women are working their way into state legislatures, there is still not a true sharing of the political power structure between men and women proportional to their numbers.

As the National Council of State Legislatures notes:
The 2007 session will see 1,731 women legislators serving across the country. Women currently hold 23.3 percent of legislative seats in the 50 states, a ratio that has increased only slightly over the past ten years.

Washington State has now moved from 3rd highest to 6th highest in percentage of women in our Legislature with this year’s elections.

New Hampshire 36.3%
Vermont 35.6%
Minnesota 34.8%
Colorado 34%
Hawaii 32.9%
Washington 32.7%

The lowest state is South Carolina at 8.8%

In 2003 Washington State women legislators numbered 54 out of 147 or 36.7%. In 2007 the number will be 48 out of 147 or 32.7%.

We remain a country dominated by men on all levels. Women still have a long way to go until they reach any kind of parity with their actual percentage in the population, whether it be for State Legislature, Congress, Governor, Senator or President. Until then every woman, including Darcy Burner, will start and finish with a gender bias handicap that they have to fight against in election after election in addition to all the other factors that decide the outcome of an election.

In the meantime comments like Darcy Burner’s noting this glass ceiling’s existence speaks to the truth and points to just another reason why Darcy Burner almost won her race. She was not afraid to speak the truth which many want to deny or ignore but which is obvious in looking at the results in election after election.

See Also:
“Women, War and Darcy” Evergreen Politics

“Winning Women?”NY Times Magazine 10/29/2006

“Needed: a few good men?” Seattle Times 11/19/2006

Democrat Darcy Burner Concedes Election in WA-8

This morning Darcy Burner conceded her Congressional race to Dave Reichert. Vote counting reported last night showed Burner now behind by 4727 votes – too wide a margin to make up in the remaining ballots left.

Speaking at a press conference this morning Burner said, “The voters of the 8th District have spoken.” She noted that this “wasn’t an end but a beginning.”

Darcy Burner’s race was a study in running campaigns. She ran an aggressive campaign on the issues, including the Iraq War. Her main liability going in was that she had never run for public office before so she was learning on the job. As McGavick showed though, even running a winning campaign for someone else for the same seat doesn’t guarantee success.

Because Burner had not been involved in politics or other activist campaigns she had to build support from the ground up. And it didn’t help when it turned out she wasn’t exactly a strong voter herself.

A large part of her campaign was spent early on in trying to build credibility among people in her district and among the Democrats. She wisely got involved in establishing contact with and working with Washington state bloggers to increase her name familiarity and exposure to local and national blog readers and the media that read blogs. The blogosphere also helped her raise money.

Her lack of political experience was also one of her assets. She was a fresh face and could not be criticized for taking on a difficult task. She freely spoke her mind and exuded passion. She showed that she could rise to the occasion and became a barnburner in raising money, support and credibility.

Also hitting hard at the end was the usual Republican hit ads that twist the truth and lie about candidates, like saying Burner was for raising taxes on everyone. Her position was to raise the lid on social security taxes and not support tax breaks for millionaires. The truth doesn’t really matter though in attack ads..

Hopefully Burner will stay involved in politics and build on her successes to take Reichert on again in two years. Sometimes it takes more than one election to win. Seeds planted in the 2004 races finally saw fruition this year.

We strongly urge Burner to stay involved in Democratic politics and continue to build her base in the 8th. The Democratic Party needs more candidates like Darcy Burner. The election on Nov 7th was only a beginning as this country tries to undo 6 years of Republican catering to corporate America and neoconservative thinking.

Don’t Expect Quick Outcome in Burner/Reichert Congressional Race

Democrat Darcy Burner and Republican Dave Reichert remain locked in a virtual deadheat in their Congressional race in WA- 8. It will probably be several weeks before things are clear as to who really wins. What has been decided is that whoever wins is going back to a Democratically controlled House of Representatives in Washington, D.C.

The numbers as reported by CNN as of 3:30 Wed. afternoon show Reichert with a lead of 2623 votes.

Dave Reichert (R) 61,9212…51%
Darcy Burner (D) 59,298…….49%

The reason for the uncertainty is that as of Wednesday afternoon – probably as many as half of the final ballots have not been counted. An estimated 80,000 ballots or so in hand in King County that cover the 8th C.D. have still not been counted. Over the next 3 days these will enter the vote total. Probably 8 to 10 thousand more absentees will arrive at King County elections for the 8th C.D. , from ballots postmarked but not yet received at King County Elections.

Expect that the race will tighten. Burner did better than Reichert in King County. He did better than she did in Pierce. Most of the Pierce Co. ballots in the 8th CD have been counted. The estimate of Pierce County ballots that cover the 8th CD ranges from 12 to 18 thousand.

Besides the uncounted ballots in hand and the ones that arrive in the mail over the next week or so, there are also a large number of provisional ballots that have to be individually looked at by canvassing boards and decisions made to count them or not based on their validity. There are a record number of these this year. There may be as many as 10,000.

So don’t expect to see any concessions by anyone soon despite how the numbers may move over the next week. There is no requirement for anyone to concede as the election is decided by the final vote count. Obviously whoever is ahead will urge their opponent to concede. However only a fool would declare that this election is over right now.

Republican Hit Piece Coming Against Democrat Darcy Burner!

No sooner does Joel Connelly in the Seattle PI note that the Republicans are out to rip their opponents than more proof appears. Independent expenditure reports tabulated at www.PoliticalMoneyLine.org note that The National Republican Congressional Committee on Friday reported $25,587 in mailings “in opposition to Darcy Burner for Congress.”

Darcy Burner is running to toss out first term incumbent Dave Reichert in the 8th Congressional District in Washington State. Just like Joel said, Don’t they have something positive to say about their candidate? This is not an expenditure to supprt Dave Reichert for Congress. I could find no other recent expenditure by them supporting Reichert.

Republicans in the House are against the wall this year, with voters waking up to the fact that Republicans have been working to help their special interest moneyed backers, not middle class and lower class working people in America. Cutting student loans, refusing to raise the minimum wage and turning back years of health and environmental protections speak volumes to what another two years of unchecked control of Congress by Republicans means for our future and our children’s future.

Darcy Burner is not alone in being hit with upcoming negative ads. As Daily Kos reports she is part of a $2 million buy of negative ads.

Darcy Burner represents a new and independent voice and deserves our support. You can help to counter negative Republican hit pieces that don’t speak to the issues we really face in this country by sending her a contribution today. President Bush and Karl Rove have both come to Washington State to raise closed door contributions to keep Reichert alive.

While donations to Burner have exceeded Reidhert’s the last three quarters according to FEC reports, independent contributions from 527’s and other can quickly alter this advantage.

You can make a contribution today by clicking on the Majority Rules Act Blue Contribution page. Help keep Darcy out front.

Expect that as November gets closer the National Congressional Republican Committee will send out other mailings. On August 20, 2006 it was reported by www.PoliticalMoneyLine.org
that they had some $43,622,106 to spend around the country.

Democrat Darcy Burner’s Congressional Bid Highlighted in Today’s New York Times.

Darcy Burner, who is running to replace a first term Republican in Congress, today was highlighted as part of a front page story in the NY Times. The story noted that her race was one of 12 or so races critical to Democrats this year.

Democratic hopes of retaking the House, party strategists say, could hinge on places like Bellevue, a city of 107,000 just across Lake Washington from Seattle. Here, a fast-growing Asian population and an influx of empty-nesters and singles living in new residential complexes have helped to make this the kind of district that, while continuing to send a Republican to Congress, has turned increasingly Democratic.

While several other races were discussed, only Darcy Burner and her opponent incumbent first term Congressman Dave Reichert had their pictures in the paper. This race is in the news right now because today George Bush is taking time out of “his busy schedule working for the people” to go to a private fundraiser in Medina, a rich enclave near Bellevue, Washington. It is not an official Presidential function of the President to enrich members of his own party, so I assume that he is paying his own plane fare and for any extra security.

Misleading information has been placed in the media indicating that the President’s visit was only going to cost Medina an extra $1000. The reason was because of an interlocal agreement that brought other police in from other areas for events like this. The problem with such partial reporting is that the other policemen are still going to have to be paid. I’m sure they’re not using sick time or vacation time to do this extra work. So the taxpayers in the region will pay for what is a private partisan fundraiser for Republican Dave Reichert, since it has been written that Bush will only be here for 4 to 6 hours and will make no public appearances.

The article in the New York Times was written by Tim Eagan, who is the husband of Joni Balter who is on the editorial board of the Seattle Times. That is why the dateline for the article is Bellevue, Washington.

Titled “o6 Race Focuses on the Suburbs, Inner and Outer”, the article discusses the changing dynamics of the surburbs and exurbs.Of 10 suburban races that Eagan compares, Dave Reichert’s margin of victory in 2004 was the second smallest, only 5%. Kerry won the district with 51% of the vote.

Darcy Burner is running a strong race and has been a favorite among local bloggers in Washington state. She has also been on DailyKos, a national blog and was a featured story yesterday. She wrote a post entitled , “Karl Rove is sending Bush to WA 8 to fight me

Burner has also issued a challenge to her supporters to raise $75,000 in 10 days from the grassroots to oppose Bush’s help for Reichert. In the first day she raised almost $22,000. You can go to Burner’s website to contribute online.