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Grassroots Democrats Missing in Action on Internet for August 21, 2007 Primary

If you were hoping to find insight and inspiration on the Internet from local Washington State grassroots Democrats for the August 21, 2007 Primary you were bound to be disappointed. A close look at the websites of the local Democratic County and Legislative District organizations right before the Primary was disappointing to say the least.

The local grassroots Democratic groups were looked at first for how well they alerted people visiting their websites about the Primary. A second point of comparison was whether the organizations were using their websites to gear up for the Feb. 2008 Caucus and Presidential Primary next year. These are just a little over 5 months away.

The first step in evaluating the Grassroots Democratic organizations was to check whether or not they even had a website. The list of websites used was taken from the list on the Washington State Democrats website . Out of 39 county Democratic organizations, 11 (28%) did not have a website. Out of 49 Democratic Legislative District organizations in the state, 19 (39%) did not have websites.

Here is a summary of what was found when looking at the Democratic websites.

Washington State County Democratic organizations:

Washington counties – 39
county Democratic organizations with websites – 28 (72%)
August 21 Primary date mentioned- 10 on first page + 2 more in calender = 12 (31%)
counties with primary endorsements posted – 5 (13%) King, Pierce, Snohomish, Thurston, Whatcom
number including a link to endorsed candidates – 4 (10%)
counties listing Feb. 9, 2008 Caucus date – 3 (8%)
counties listing Feb. 19, 2008 Presidential Primary date – 3 (8%)
county Democratic websites with links to Presidential candidates – 6 (15%)

Washington State Legislative District organizations:

Legislative districts –49
Legislative district organizations with websites – 30 (61%)
August 21 Primary mentioned – 7 on first page + 6 more in calender = 13 (27%)
Legislative District organizations with Primary endorsements posted – 12 (24%)
number including a link to endorsed candidates – 4 (8%)
Legislative Districts listing Feb. 9, 2008 Caucus date – 6 (12%)
Legislative District organizations listing Feb. 19, 2008 Presidential Primary date – 2 (4%)
Legislative District websites with links to Presidential candidates – 4 (8%)

To be fair 5 counties did not hold a primary. Those counties are Asotin, Ferry, Garfield, San Juan, and Wahkiakum. But that still leaves 34 counties that did hold a primary election.

Why is website presence in a campaign important? Googling on “Democratic endorsements Washington August 21, 2007 Primary” yielded the following results on the first 2 pages:

47th Leg District Democrats
Lefty Blogs – Metropolitan Democratic Club
SEAMEC 2007 endorsements
47th District Democrats
the Stranger
King County Democrats
Wash Fed of State Employees

Googling on “Washington State Primary Endorsements” yielded:

Sierra Club (MajorityRulesBlog post)
the Stranger
36th Distrct Democrats
Washington State Women’s Political Caucus
SEAMEC endorsements

Googling on “King County Democrats 2007 endorsements” yielded:

King County Democrats
34th District Democrats
47th District Democrats
Peter Sherman’s website
46th District Democrats
Gael Tartelton’s website
Jean Godden’s website
the Stranger

Having endorsements on the Democratic websites and candidates receiving endorsements and listing them on their website drove traffic to these sites. This gives additional exposure to the Democratic Party and their endorsed candidates.

By way of comparison, googling on “”Washington State Republicans 2007 Primary” produced one relevant Republican hit to a right wing blog at the bottom of the second page. Typing in “Washington State Republicans 2007 Primary Endorsements” yielded little of the Republicans but brought up the following in the first two pages:

Washington State Stonewall Democrats
Washington Federation of State Employees
the Stranger
47th District Democrats
BlogNet News

Despite the lack of a strong internet effort by the Democrats in making and listing endorsements, where it was done it obviously had an impact on visibility of the Democrats.

There is a reason that the Republican presence is so minor in the google searches. Despite the untapped potential of the Democrats in using the web to get exposure and use the internet for organizing , they were far ahead of Republican Party efforts.

The Washington State Republican website has only county organizations. There are no Republican legislative district organizations listed.

The Republicans had only 15 county websites listed for the 39 counties in Washington State. And they seemed to be even less aware that a Primary was occurring. Only 4 listed the August 21, 2007 Primary date on their website and only 2 had endorsements. Regarding the Presidential Campaign only 2 had a link to the 2008 Republican Presidential candidates.

Just in terms of number of sites, the Democrat’s 58 grassroots organization sites outnumbered the Republicans by almost 4 to 1. Now if they can just get some web savy and get links up for the General Election in November with endorsements listed and links to endorsed candidates they can have a much stronger presence on the web.

And they also need to copy the Democratic State Party’s Road to the White House Presidential candidate’s links and add them to their webpages. Island County Democrats have links with pictures of the candidates which is a nice touch. So do the Spokane Democrats. and the Walla Walla County Democrats. Whitman County, Thurston County and Mason County are the only other counties that currently have links to the Democratic Presidential candidates.

And I could only find links available on the websites of the 1st , 6th, 44th and 45th District Democrats.

One additional element that the Democratic organizations should add to their websites is the free fundraising link for Democrats by ActBlue. ActBlue is set up to raise funds for all the Democratic Presidential candidates. John Edwards for President, for example, using the ActBlue website has raised $3,599,983 from 44,058 donors.

MajorityRulesBlog recently set up an ActBlue page for all the Presidential candidates. You can click on the link to see what one could look like for the Democratic organizations. Each organization would get exposure and credit for funds raised for the candidates.

Seattle School Board Races Produce Some Surprises

Maybe its just the dog days of August but incumbent Seattle School Board members are not faring well in raising money compared to their challengers. Both Sally Soriano and Darlene Flynn, who are running for re-election, lag far behind their challengers in raising money.

Three candidates have raised over $40,000 each – Peter Maier, Sherry Carr, and Stephen J Sundquist. The following data is taken from reports filed on the Washington State Public Disclosure Commission website

Seattle School Board District 1

MAIER PETER L (N) 7/31/2007 raised $40,087.33 spent $9,650.83
SORIANO SALLY J (N) 7/31/2007 raised $6,034.76 spent $4,980.05

Seattle School Board District 2

CARR SHERRY L (N) 08/13/2007raised $45,889.67 spent $22,457.48
FlYNN DARLENE E (N) 08/13/2007 raised $6,655.50 spent $5,138.38
KELLEY PATRICK A (N) 08/14/2007 raised $5,645.48 spent $4,117.72
STUEBING LISA C (N) 08/13/2007 raised $22,669.63 spent $20,944.90

Seattle School Board District 3

MARTIN-MORRIS HARIUM J (N) 08/13/2007 raised $16,685.00 spent $4,167.48

Seattle School Board District 6

RAMIREZ MARIA G (N) raised $0 07/24/2007 spent $533.86
SUNDQUIST STEPHEN J (N)08/13/2007 raised $46,009.94 spent $34,636.61

Seattle School Board District 2 is the only race that will appear on the August 21, 2007 Primary ballot because the Washington State Legislature, when it changed the primary date to August from September, also cancelled primary elections in nonpartisan races with only one or two candidates running. These races will appear on the November 4, 2007 election.

8/16/2007 Correction, There are 5 candidates running for position 6 according to King County Elections. Stephen Sundquist is the only candidate who has reported raising any money for this race. None of the other 4 candidates, including Ramirez have reported raising any money. Besides one mention of an expenditure of $534 by Ramirez no other report shows up on the Washington State Public Disclosure Commission website under searches for registration, contributions or expenditures by candidates for the other 4 candidates.
So there will be a primary vote for District 6. My mistake, you can get your name on the ballot without having to raise lots of money. Winning is something else.

Sherman Shoots Ahead, Scully Stumbles in Fundraising in Prosecutor’s Race

Bill Sherman has surged ahead of Keith Scully in fundraising according to the latest reports on the Washington State Public Disclosure Commission website. Both are running to win the Democratic nomination for King County Prosecutor in the August 21, 2007 Primary election.

As of August 13, 2007:

William R Sherman (D) had raised $66,212 and spent $40, 571.

Keith Scully (D) his primary opponent had raised $36,699 and spent $33,883.

Daniel T Satterberg (R), is unopposed in the Primary and has raised $133,538 and spent $41,452.

When the candidates first reported their fundraising on July 24, 2007, Sherman and Scully had raised almost the same amount of money. Sherman had raised $31,947 and Scully had raised $32,016. Sherman doubled his fundraising since July 24, raising another $34,226. Meanwhile Scully’s fundraising fizzled – he only raised another $4,186.

Satterberg, after his first spurt of raising $87,798 by July 24, slowed down and raised half as much – some $45,740 by August 13, 2007.

Donors who maxed out for Bill Sherman with a total of $1400 ($700 for the primary and $700 for the general) include: Todd Achilles, Paul Brainerd, Brian Carnell, Denise Casper, Marc Casper, Will Lewis, Katie Proctor, Lynn S Prunhuber and Jon A Shigley.

Bill Sherman’s donors includes organizational contributions of $700 from SEIU 775, $700 from Washington Conservation Voters, $500 from Progressive Majority Washington D.C., $300 King County COPE, $250 from Amalgated Transit Union, COPE, $200 41st District Democrats, and $100 form the 45th District Democrats.

Satterberg donors who have maxed out at $1400 for the primary and general include: Stephen J Banchero, Chris Bailey, Sam Chapin, Robert L Christie, James Danielson, Richard Drham, Martin J Durkan Jr, Mrs G O Fisher, Cherrel Furiga, Clinton Furiga, Theresa E Gillespie, Gregory Gorder, Kevin R Hughes, Kathryn Johnson, Virginia McLarson, Linda A Lee, Yvonne Anne-Marie Lee, Cheryl W O’Leary, Thomas O’Leary, Ron Perey, John Rindlaub, Sarah Rindlaub, George W Rowley, Richard Satterberg, Bradford L Smith, John Stanton, Rich Wallis, Washington Teamsters, and Robert W Wray.

Former Secretary of State Ralph Munro gave Satterberg $100 and current Secretary of State Ralph Reed gave $50. Former Senator Slade Gorton gave $700.

Bill Sherman’s strong fundraising push before the primary is a strong indication he is the frontrunner in the race in the Democratic Primary. He has picked up most of the endorsements, including the Seattle Times and Seattle PI.

Scully is a good candidate but in the short race to fill the vacancy after King County Prosecutor Norm Maleng died, Bill Sherman’s campaign for the Washington State Legislature last year seems to have given him a strong advantage and momentum. He is also running a strong campaign this year and is a great candidate.

Cascade Bicycle Club Releases August 21, 2007 Primary Endorsements

The Cascade Bicycle Club has just come out with their endorsements for the August 21, 2007 Washington State Primary. They are a nonprofit, nonpartisan group that defines their mission to be “creating more livable communities by promoting health & recreation through bicycle activities, advocacy, & education.”

On their primary endorsement page they note that their involvement in election politics is for “one vitally important reason – policies that effect bicycling begin and end with our elected representatives.”

Besides evaluating the candidates on specific issues they also evaluate a candidate’s past votes, talk to local activists and, when necessary, interview them face to face.
Critical votes for incumbents spanned a range of issues impacting bicycling, including: child safety, bicycle lanes and trails, transportation funding, land-use and sprawl.”

The endorsements cover both King and Snohomish Counties in Washington State.

Cascade Bicycle Club August 21, 2007 Primary Endorsements

King County Prosecutor – Bill Sherman
King County County Council Position No. 8 – Dow Constantine
Snohomish Co County Council – Brian Sullivan
Port of Seattle Commissioner 2 – Jack Block Jr. & Gael Tarleton
Port of SeattleCommissioner 4 – Alec Fisken
AuburnCity Council 7 – Lynn Norman
Burien City Council 4 – Stephen Lamphear
Duvall City Council 6 – Anne Laughlin
Edmonds Mayor – Gary Haakenson
Everett City Council 4 – Charlene Rawson
Federal Way City Council 7 – Hope Elder
Issaquah City Council 4 – Joshua Schaer
Mercer Island City Council 3 – Maureen Judge
Mukilteo City Council 6 – Pat Kessler
Newcastle City Council 4 – Sonny Putter
Sammamish City Council 4 – Nancy Whitten
Seattle City Council 1 – Jean Godden
Seattle City Council 3 – Bruce Harrell
Seattle City Council 9 – Sally Clark
Shoreline City Council 2 – Paul Grace
Shoreline City Council 4 – Doris McConnell
Shoreline City Council 6 – Terry Scott
Tukwila City Council 2 РDe’Sean Quinn
Woodinville City Council 2 – Randy Ransom
Woodinville City Council 6 – Liz Aspen

Metropolitan Democratic Club Makes August 21, 2007 Primary Endorsements

The Metropolitan Democratic Club met at noon today in downtown Seattle to consider endorsements for candidates running in the August 21, 2007 Washington State Primary election. The endorsements below include some races that will only appear on the November ballot. The following is a list of candidates endorsed and the positions they are running for. Connections to website are included where available.

King County Prosecutor – Bill Sherman
King County Council Position 2 – Larry Gossett
King County Council Position 4 – Larry Phillips
King County Council Position 6 – Brad Larssen (write-in)
King County Council Position No. 8 – Dow Constantine
Port of Seattle Commissioner Position No. 2 – Gael Tarleton
Port of Seattle Commissioner Position No. 5 – Alec Fisken
City of Seattle Council Position No.1 – Jean Godden
City of Seattle Position No. 3 – no endorsement
City of Seattle Position No. 5 – Tom Rasmussen
City of Seattle Position No. 7 – David Della
City of Seattle Position No. 9 – Sally J Clark
Seattle School Board #1 – Sally Soriano
Seattle School Board #2 – no endorsement
Seattle School Board #3 – no endorsement
Seattle School Board #6 – Maria Ramirez
King County Prop. No. 1 – Regional and Rural Parks Levy – yes
King County Prop. No. 2 – Open Space, Regional Trails and Woodland Park Zoo Levy – yes

Cascade Chapter Sierra Club Releases August 21, 2007 Primary Endorsements

The Cascade Chapter of the Sierra Club announced their first round of endorsements for the August 21, 2007 Washington State Primary election. Scott Otterson, Chair of the Political Committee of the Sierra Club, Cascade Chapter said that several more endorsements would be announced shortly. We will post additional endorsements as they are released. (updated August 15, 2007)

Snohomish County Council #2 Brian Sullivan
Snohomish County Council #3 Mike Cooper
Camas Mayor Paul Dennis
City Council #4 Charlene Rawson
Everett City Council #7 Jackie Minchew
Lynnwood City Council #5 Stephanie Wright
Mill Creek City Council #6 Ed McNichol
Vancouver City Council #4 Timothy D. Leavitt
Vancouver City Council #5 Larry Smith
Vancouver City Council #6 Dan Tonkovich
Port of Seattle Commissioner Position No. 1 Jack Block Jr. and Gael Tarleton (dual endorsement)
Port of Seattle Commissioner Position No. 5 Alec Fisken
King Couty Proposition No. 1 – Regional and Rural Parks Levy – yes
King County Proposition No. 2 – Open Space, Regional Trails and Woodland Park Zoo Levy – yes
Redmond Parks levy, Proposition No. 2 – yes